Maricus and Obama

Dear Mr. Obama

Hi Mr. Obama my name is Maricus. I am a African American student in high school. On the behalf of the black communities ever where I would like to say we are proud of you. I never thought it could happen that a African American became president of the United States. This is truly a blessing form god and we wish you good luck. The reason I’m writing this letter is because I would like to discuss with you a couple of topics that are bugging me. One is gases prices and the other is the playoffs in college football.

I know you can’t just snap your finger and make gas prices lower. I also know that if we want gas lowered we need to stop using so much gas and find an alternative source of energy. We can ride bikes instead of cars when we are making a short trip. We can drive slower so we can conserve gas. As you said before we can make sure our tires are filled up with air so we won’t use extra gas to push the car. As you know we can’t get everyone to be responsible and take care of the tasks at hand, some people are hard headed and stubborn and they want change. However, you do have people that will do what ever it takes to make gas as cheap as possible. So if the majority of us are doing what we can to spare the gas we use, then couldn’t it be lowered a little?

Next I would like to talk about the comment you made on ESPN about colleges having playoffs. I agree with you and I feel somebody needs to take action. Letting a computer decided on whose place where by their record doesn’t seem fair to me. If I can recall correctly last year in the NFL the New York Giants, a team that lost many games, made it to the Super Bowl. Betting teams they had lost to before. That’s a perfect example why playoffs should be added because you never know what can happen. I understand you’re not in charge off the NCAA and its ranking system. However, your voice is more powerful then anybody in the United States. I feel you should take this subject up and get something changed.

Even if you read this letter and nothing changes I will still support you an hundred percent. You’re what we, the black teenage males, are looking for. A proud black, male that made it to the top against all adversity. Your success lets us know that we can and will rise as a race.

Sincerely A proud African American


2 responses to “Maricus and Obama

  1. He claims that Obama has “people” who would do “whatever it takes” to make the price of gas lower. Oh, really? I thought we ruled out Obama’s relationship with Arabs several months ago during the election campaign. Guess not. The latter is about something to do with computers (he’s horrible at explaining things) and College Football Playoffs. From what I have gather, it is impossible for an “underdog” team to win the big game. Again, Maricus believes that Obama has the most “powerful voice.” Either he’s admiring his charismatic skills or he truly believes the President has a say. I’m sorry, Maricus, but I truly doubt Obama is going to come into office, in a time of an economic recession, and chat it up with the NCAA administrators.

  2. Other than a few spelling and grammatical errors, this was a pretty good letter. I agree with you on the fact that college football should have a playoff and using the New York Giants and New England Patriots was a great example. I think there will be a college playoff in the near future but not soon. The reason I say this is because when I was watching ESPN looking at the scores, there came across a caption that said
    Obama was going to try to do something about the playoff problem but he also had to find jobs for millions of americans. But like I said, good letter, sincerely another proud African American

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