Omar on the Issues

Dear President Obama

Congratulations on your successful campaign, I am happy that you won but now I know you have a lot of work ahead of you. So there are some issues I’d like to give you my opinion on. These issues are abortion, death penalty and gun control, I feel that you should do something about these issues.
First I believe abortion should be illegal in this and any country, why should other people decide if some one should live or not, especially a baby who has never committed a crime or sin. Isn’t abortion the same thing as killing someone, what’s the difference? I don’t think there is any. Then why do they do it, if they didn’t want a baby they should have thought about what their doing better, and why is the baby the one that pays for what they did. Why is it that some babies don’t deserve to come out and live life like anyone else?
What is the difference of a killer, and someone who kills a killer? I don’t think there is any. That’s why I am completely against death penalty. Isn’t killing someone who has killed another person going down to their level too? Of course they deserve to be punished for it but not with death. I believe they should spend the rest of their life in jail, but no one should have to get killed. Also don’t you think their better of with that punishment than anything else? Their going to have a long time to think about they did.
Why should anyone who isn’t a police officer walk around with a gun? I think that they should complete stop the selling of firearms in this country. Why do they need to sell guns anyway? Most people buy firearms for protection, but if they stop selling guns people wont need to buy anything. Also Nearly 50 percent of a full time college students binge drink and/or abuse drugs at least once a month (according to the American College of Health). Regarding the colligate gun owners, that number rises to 66 percent. The ATF reports that the ages of 18-25(especially 19-21) are the ”prime years” for a person to commit violent gun crimes, including homicide. So if they ban the selling on fire arms, that might prevent things like Virginia Tech and Columbia High School tragedies to happen.
Thank you for listening to my opinion about abortion, gun control, and death penalty. I hope you can agree with some of my opinions. And please listen to teens opinions more because we have a lot to say.

Sincerely, Omar


One response to “Omar on the Issues

  1. There’s a reason the right to bear arms is in the Constitution. It’s because if guns were illegal, then that would put them into the hands of criminals. Just because they’re illegal wouldn’t stop people with intent to murder from obtaining them, however it would stop well meaning people from using them to hunt or for self defense, etc.

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