From Sharne’

Dear Mr. President

I am very happy that you were elected our new president. I know you can change the country. I support your views on the war, on the economy and the environment. I have issue that I feel strongly about. I hope as president that the ideas of a teenager in high school are important to you.

I would like to talk to about the war. How war has affected families and the world. War has done many damages to our lives. Some of us are afraid the war will lead to an attack on the United States or there will be a bomb dropped on us. But most of all the war is really hurting the people in Iraq. They shouldn’t have to suffer or lose their loved ones. Even though people in the Untied States have lost their loved ones, they are not the people in the middle of the war. With you being the next president I know you can change a lot of things in the world. I know you are going to have to go down a hard path but I have faith in you and so does everyone else. I believe with you being president there will be no more war, no more killing, and less violence.
Another thing I would like to talk to you about is the mortgage ratings. Last year I almost lost my home because we didn’t have the money to pay the mortgage. My dad died 3 years ago from brain cancer we took care of him at home. But when he was alive I didn’t have to worry about things like that. But when he passed I had to adjust to the new environment of living with my mother who has just stepped back into my life when my father was diagnosed. We didn’t have the money to pay for anything because even though my mother had two jobs it didn’t help much. But we managed to get the money. But now we have other problems. The mortgage company is trying to take the house now and we are going through a tough time. I hope with you being the next president you can change the policies of the mortgage companies.
I know things will change for the better. Thank you for giving me a new reason not to give up but only try harder.



One response to “From Sharne’

  1. Her topics are War and Mortgage “Ratings.” She is afraid that there will be another attack on American soil and that a “bomb will be dropped on us.” Perhaps someone should remind her that she lives in Sarasota, Florida. The chance of a terrorist selecting your city to bomb is horribly slim to none. Waste your time worrying about something more important, like your family’s mortgage payment! It’s sad to hear that your father passed away three years ago. However, in the business world, death does not mean actions and procedures are put aside and everyone – including the mortgage company – mourns your loss. As heartless as this is – Life goes on. You need to make the best of it. Furthermore, President elect Obama does not have a say in Mortgage Policies. Besides – What is it going to say? “Write off the mortgage when there is a death in the family.” It won’t work. Look into some government subsidized housing units, lower-end apartments, or even a smaller house. There’s not much the nation, let alone the President, can do to alleviate your financial struggles.

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