The Homeless by Sha’Quess

Dear President Barrack Obama,

There is a concern that I would like to talk to you about. In the United States there are too many homeless in a country that is supposed to be the most powerful and rich country in the world. The reason being homeless comes from the economy and from being laid off from jobs, illness and substance abuse. The hurricane that happened in New Orleans left a lot of people with nothing. The government did little t help the already poor people devastated by the flooding. I hope that the fact that you are president will  lead to changes  in the U.S. The homeless need more help from the government more than anything.
In Sarasota, Fl my mother, April Glasco, runs her own non-profit organization called Second Chance Last Opportunity and she’s been doing it for 14 year. This business gives people a second chance of life and helps with shelter, food, clothing and life skill classes. She even gives the clothes off her back and the shoes off her feet to help these people. She tries her hardest to help everyone that needs it, and its not just Sarasota its Manatee, Venice, and St. Petersburg. She pushes herself to help the people who are in need because she hates to see someone struggling. The reason I say this is because there are never enough funds to help these people out. The government isn’t even helping them enough. We can’t help other counties out if our country’s not even straight.
It’s not just my mother’s organization that needs funds to help the homeless. The government needs to start helping out organizations like my mothers because they do so much good and they know where the problems are and can more effective than government programs.
Growing up I have experienced poverty and it is not pleasant. We have gone without food, my father was abusive, and times got very tough. But my mother pulled herself up and worked hard to get our family together again. She then saw the need of others in our community and started her program. Her example taught me a lot. I hate to see anyone going through the same thing me and my family went through.
Well Mr. President I see you really are talking about making a difference in the United States. Please Mr. President just makes a change for our country.


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