Josie on Abortion

Dear Mr. Barack Obama,

I am writing to you about what I think are the important issues in our country. I believe in the right to live, the right to be healthy, and the right to a good education. I believe that abortion should be illegal, health care in America should be less costly, and high school students should be “college ready” by the start of their senior year. I believe that by doing something about these issues we have a chance to CHANGE our country for the better.
Do you know how many unborn babies die everyday from abortion? The sad thing is these babies didn’t have the chance to choose whether they wanted to live or die. These babies sacrifice their lives everyday to make our lives easier. So why do we do it? Abortion rates have grown higher every year. In 1973 the number of abortions was 744,600 abortions that year. Later in 2001 the number raised to 1, 328, 000 abortions. That is a difference of 583, 400 more babies. That is not a small number. Teens need to know that they have a choice. They need to know that protection is necessary. Even one slipup can cause pregnancy. And that means another innocent baby dies.
As we advance into more technology and medicine we have discovered many new ways to heal a variety of different illnesses. The only problem is that it seems healthcare goes up in cost every year. We as Americans spend more on healthcare than we do on food and housing. I believe that there is only one way to solve this problem. Universal healthcare where citizens pay a flat fee for all their healthcare. This would allow doctors to focus on the healing of the patient rather than the healthcare benefits. What does your insurance cover? This question seems to be quite popular in the doctor’s office. says that the total amount spent on healthcare in 2008 was 39.5 billion dollars! That’s a lot of money. Don’t you think?
The final issue, and the most important to me, is education. I am now in my freshman year of high school and am planning to go to college. I want to be prepared for college by the beginning of my senior year. I want to have colleges picked out, scholarships, and auditions done with. The only problem is I can’t do it on my own. If all high schools were required to have a college bound program in their school year curriculum, I think there would be an increase of the number of graduating seniors attending colleges. There should be more scholarship opportunities and more college level courses in high schools today.
We in America need a CHANGE. But in order to make this CHANGE happen, it needs to be put into action now. Just think. If abortion was illegal, the pregnancy rate in America would drop and there would be less pregnant teens. By making universal healthcare, all American citizens should be able to purchase healthcare. Doctors can take the time they need to heal their patients and it might get America out of its debt and turmoil. Education has become the key ingredient when applying for a job. By making students “college ready” think of how many more people would actually have jobs. Just think. We can CHANGE the world.

Yours truly,

Josie Fleming


One response to “Josie on Abortion

  1. This brings the statistics to the table. If we were to get technical, “babies” is a subjective term, but we’ll put that aside. She claims that 600,000 more babies were aborted in 2001 than in 1973. That’s over 25 years of a time gap. That’s an increase of around 22,000 more babies a year. Perhaps we should look at a Population Growth Map of the United States – Wait. That’s an increase! Obviously abortion is a huge topic. Perhaps if we were in Russia, the land of abortions, frozen vaginas and alcohol, their argument would have a leg to stand on. If we look at a global scale of Abortions we would realize that 83% of abortions are in developing countries. If anything, we should aim at creating Pro-Life missionaries in poor countries. The United States is fine. Let it be. believes that everyone should pay a “flat rate” for Health Care. I honestly really like that. We should buy our own “flat rate” private insurance. It’ll just cost $15,000 per individual. Pay up, bubba! And if we go back a topic, do you know how much it’d cost to supply health care to all of those soon-to-be preserved babies? Ouch!!

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