Latoya to the President

Dear Mr. President,

My main concerns are based on several areas. First, there are the issues with war. Basically I’m asking what the reason for war is, unless we’re being threatened. Secondly, the gas prices are changing ridiculously without any kind of hint or something? Last, there are the issues with very poor EDUCATION!

With war there is a lot of danger within the citizens. You’re putting your people in danger for no apparent reason. You’re putting your troops through something that can be prevented. I noticed that more and more young people are dying from these wars. People who die from the war are either a father, husband, wife, or mother. This war mess is getting way out of and it needs to be put to an end.

Gas prices are going up and down like crazy. It’s even harder now because it’s hard to find a job or even earn enough money. The economy sucks! But that’s another topic. With gas prices changing people can’t afford it. In some ways it’s good because less people will drive, but also people need transportation to and form their destination. For example, needing to go to work and back.

And last, there’s poor education. Schools don’t have enough money to buy new textbooks for students and teachers are being laid off because of cut backs and the poor economy. I care about my education and others. We as black people need to prove that we can be somebody, but we can’t prove it if we don’t have the supplies. I should stand for all students who want to become something.

Also, we should persuade and encourage drop out students to go back to school and get a greater and better education. Teens that are out on their own need to know that there is help out in the world and that most people in the world are willing to give the help that is needed. I think that creating a program to give drop outs a second chance and become more than what they believe they can be. This is another problem that I am very concerned about that can be solved.

I and most of us as people want to improve and better our world and our economy. Even these problems will be put on you, I believe us as people can help out in ways that you can’t imagine. I as a person want to better the world as much as you do.

In conclusion, these concerns should catch your attention. If they don’t, then these next couple of years will be as bad as it was with the previous president!


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