Ryan Says The Killing Needs To Stop!

Dear President Obama,

We all know of the Nazi holocaust. We know of how many babies, teens, kids, and adults were brutally killed and massacred by people who thought that Jews inferior. That is in the past, yes a very bad past, but there is a holocaust going on right now. You ask how could this be so? It is the holocaust of abortions. And like what happened in Germany many went silent and said nothing about it. In America people are silent but there are a choice few who stand up and take a stand to say abortion is wrong, we are the Pro-Life members. The legalization of abortion was a mistake. If killing another person is called murder then why is abortion legal? I know people say a fetus isn’t human or it isn’t alive until fully formed.

Abortion is the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus, resulting in or caused by its death. In 2003 the approximate number of abortions performed worldwide was 42 million, which was lower than 1995 which had 46 million. Think about it there are 356 day in the year and 24 hours in each one so about four to five babies are killed every other second. How do you feel about that? Four to five babies every other second killed because of some dumb reason! Teens make dumb choices sometimes but killing a baby because you don’t want to have a kid or because you can’t face your friends or family is just truly cruel. I mean what if you wife decided that she didn’t want to have one of your kids how would that make you feel. Taking the life of a child that has no voice or choice is what abortion pretty much comes down to.

Now I’m not religious, I must admit so my support for pro-life is not on a religious standpoint. But it is on the standpoint of the doing what is right instead of doing what is cruel and wrong. People today are more sexually active than recent years due to more TV, music, internet and many other sources. This makes teens think that if people in movies or TV are doing it, then we should. Most teens don’t think of the consequences of what happens if you are having unprotected sex. The chances of getting pregnant teens to make a choice between having or not having an abortion. In my view, I don’t think they should have that choice, I mean not to should cruel and sexist but teen girls took it upon themselves to not use a condom and then they think hey I don’t have to have this kid I’ll get an abortion and no one will know. I think it’s unfair to the unborn child whose fault it wasn’t; it was the fault of the teen who thought for the moment, not the long run. I mean yes people get raped or abused by their parents and in those options I think that those choices should be left to the person. But abortion should be illegal to those who just didn’t want the responsibility of a child.

Now my words may be little, but my view is big, a fetus doesn’t have a voice but we do, what is your option to let the holocaust happen again or to be the one who stands up and say “Enough, this has gone to far and it needs to stop.”


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