Angel On Immigration and Abortion

Dear President Obama,

I write to you today as a concerned citizen and as a friend. I believe there are many issues and conflicts our beautiful country has faced and may face as the years come, but I believe immigration is a big problem that overwhelms everyone. I speak out in concern to you because I come from a family who immigrated to United States and was fortunate to become residents and citizens of this beautiful place I call home. Even though my brother and I were fortunate to be born here I have many family members who wish they had the opportunity. I am Mexican-American and I am proud of it. But I feel sorrow for some of these family members who have worked hard and done nothing wrong in this country but bring food to the table for their family.

I believe it is not fair for these immigrant people not allowed to be here. I understand that it is also not fair for undocumented aliens to receive pay and not contribute, but what if they did? What if they paid taxes and had proof? If it were up to me I would give social security numbers and register these people who have been here for more than four years. Here you will see that these proud people will not disappoint you. I believe this will help the economic state in a way because now you have these documented people paying taxes and getting paid for the work they do but now they would be documented. I understand also that it’s not fair because our population is expanded but it expanded for the better of all humanity. The closer we all races stick together the fewer enemies we have and more allies incase of a tragedy.

Now about the border issue. Immigration can do a better job of helping people legally as well. People from Mexico come here for a better life because it is not so easy living in Mexico. It’s very rough and poverty seems to be at every corner you travel through. I also think the sentencing of those people getting caught trying to come over shouldn’t be so harsh. I think they should get three warning before being sentenced because you don’t know if they have a child left behind. In other terms to that I don’t think their family should be separated if for some reason they do get caught. A child being separated from there mother or father must be the hardest thing that a child can go through.

Another problem that really disturbs me and makes my stomach turn is abortion.
I believe abortion shouldn’t be allowed. I was raised to take responsibility for my actions. I don’t think that a child’s life should be taken because of their parent’s mistake. I don’t understand how these people have the heart to let their child die. I would rather know there child is going to adoption then have it life taken from them. I child is born sinless. I am a religious person and that stuff really just disgusts me. I remember one time I saw this commercial about abortion. Supposedly the child was able talk and this child said mommy help me I feel someone pulling my feet. This was the doctor during the abortion procedure pulling his feet out. In the end the baby knew he was going to die and he said” mommy I know you don’t want me in your life but no matter what I will always love you and I will be waiting for you in heaven.” Ever since that commercial I have hated abortion since. I believe it’s just wrong.
Mr. President I don’t ask too much from you. Just do the Best you can.
I understand the country was practically falling apart when it was turned over to you.
But these problems I bring forward to you I believe are the important matters. You can help us fix. Thank you for your time.


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