Chelsea Speaks to the President

Dear President,

I am glad that you won the election. I really got into politics this year. Here are some things that I would like to address with you. One of the things that I am glad you support is a woman’s right to choose. The thing that I didn’t like about Mr. McCain is that he changed his mind about supporting the right for a woman to get an abortion. No one wants a child to die, however life is complicated and these decisions are not always so simple. I also support gay rights as I regard homosexuals to be the same as any human being. My final issue that I would like to talk about is your tax plan. I think it’s going to make our country’s economy get even worse.

Unfortunately, there are many reason’s why a woman or young girl might wish to seek an abortion. Rape, incest, and birth control that doesn’t work are only some of the reasons that a woman might become pregnant and not be prepared for it. People say that the child can be put up for adoption. But there are so many kids up for adoption and it cost lots of money. Foster care homes are one of the worst places for many children because they are often abused, and sometimes raped. However, even though I support a woman’s right to choose, I do believe that there should be a time limit for the abortion and when they can be performed.

One of my other concerns is with gay rights. I am a Christian but I do not believe that if you are gay that you are going to hell. In California when they passed the law for gays to get married a lot of gay couples got married. Now they are thinking about taking that right away and nullifying these marriages. I think that it is a horrible thing and gay marriage shouldn’t be a big deal. Homosexuals are human beings and some people treat them like they are aliens. They can’t help that they are gay. Here is a question that I ask people. Why do people like the opposite sex and not the same sex? There really is no clear scientific explanation about this. If someone in your family came out to you saying that they were gay. Would you not accept them, would you not treat them the equally? I am going to repeat myself, no one can help who he or she likes. People who oppose gay rights are most likely doing it for religious reasons and religion is personal and shouldn’t take away another person’s rights. They say we should have equal rights, yet people who don’t fit their idea of normal shouldn’t have equal rights? I believe that everyone should have equal rights no matter who or what he or she is.

My final thing that I would like to say is about your tax plan. Now I am not trying to offend you or anything and I know I’m a fifteen-year-old girl who is in high school and doesn’t pay taxes, but when I heard about your tax plain I was shocked. I know you would like to help the poor and I always pray for them. But there are reasons why they are poor. I am far from wealthy and I still don’t support to increase taxes on people more than $100 000. You are taking money away from people who work their for that money and who support the economy. To give their to people who don’t work as hard is not fair. Most bosses are upperclass that you are taking money away from and I doubt that they are going to change their life. So they are going make their business smaller and that means more people unemployed.

In conclusion, I am glad that you made president and I have always supported you. I am glad that you are Pro-Choice but the things I would like you to change is about the homosexuals and your tax plan.


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