Hit at Home with Savanna

Dear Mr. President

Hello, my name is Savanna. This year has been an important year for me in politics because I actually started to listen. My main concern is homosexual rights. This is a topic that hits home with me. Another concern I have is abortion. This is a concern to me because I’m pro-choice and I feel strongly that women should have the right to decide about their own bodies and something so personal.

When I was nine years old my Father told my sister and I he was gay. At the time I didn’t really understand why he got so upset when he listened to the people talk on the T.V. Now I do.  Our country says everyone should have equal rights but they don’t back up what they say.  Ask yourself this, why shouldn’t I love my father for who he is. Why should I judge him for who he WANTS to be.  In 2002 my father met a man. They dated for two years and found out they wanted to be together forever. They wanted to too marry but they couldn’t because the law our country has. My father had to fly all the way to Canada to be with the one he loved. Now he’s happily married to a man, my stepfather and I’m happy about it. Why shouldn’t everyone else be happy for him? If your daughter decided to be a lesbian would you shun her from your family, or would you try to understand? If that happened would you try to change the law then, so your daughter could be happy? I bet you would. People who oppose homosexual marriage, don’t know what love is. They’re so closed minded that they don’t understand how they feel. They think if people are not like them they shouldn’t have equal rights. But I have one thing to say. No one is the same.
Abortion. Pro-life or Pro-choice? Personally I’m pro-choice. I believe that women should have the right to say what happens to there bodies to a certain extent. If you’re over three months into your pregnancy you shouldn’t be able to get an abortions, if you go out and have unprotected sex without thinking abortion should not be an option. It makes me so mad when people think getting an abortion is doing the devil’s work. Its not. If a teenage girl goes out one night with her friends and she’s on her way home and she gets raped is she supposed to have the baby if she gets pregnant? Is she going to want the baby as an everyday reminder? No. Not to mention the therapy she’s going to have to go to. It’s just too much to handle. I don’t see why anyone would want to put a girl through that.
As you can see I feel very strongly about these two topics and I hope you take what I say to heart. It would mean a lot to my dad and I if you tried to change the way the people of the United States perspective on life and the way we choose to do things.



2 responses to “Hit at Home with Savanna

  1. Savanna,
    Look in the closest mirror. You are looking a young woman with wisdom. Continue to develop that wisdom. We are counting on you to become a voice in the future.
    Be proud of your thoughtfulness and be proud of you father teaching you early that judgement leads to darkness.
    Good Job!!!!

  2. Savanna, I love your for being you and even tho people have a lot of smack to say about this topic you always stay true to yourself and one day there will be someone who understands where you are coming from and will make this legal, keep your hopes up high and keep staying the possitive person you are!

    Lots of love from your friends
    Christina Daidone

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