Obama and Our Problems

Dear President Obama,
I hope that you will be a wonderful president for this country because we really need a good president. First, I’m really hoping that we can get a better education in our schools. Secondly, we should stop the war in Iraq. Lastly, we need to get the economy in a lot better situation. I’m really hoping that you take some of these into consideration. Not only for me but for other families in this country. We really need your help.
To begin with, I’m really hoping that kids can get a better education in the schools. I have been thinking really hard about the situation about all of the big state tests that we all have to take. I really think that if we stopped some of the state tests that all of the students can focus more on there regular academics like English, and math. Students have been doing bad in school because they don’t have enough practice in there core classes. I hope that you will take some of this into consideration because our schools need a lot of help. Most of the schools need more money so we can get the education we need. Many of the schools are struggling because of lack of money. For example, the high school that i go to had cut there funds so much so that our program that we have has to share all the money and its not that much at all.
In addition, we need to start getting all of the soldiers out of Iraq. None of the soldiers deserve to be there even though they are there fighting for this country. They shouldn’t be there at all no matter what because there all tons of people who are dying each and everyday for no reason. It hurts so bad because i know somebody who’s dad is in Iraq and when he came home for the first time, he surprised her at our school that we went to. It went on the news and all and she was so shocked that he came home but then unfortunately he had to go back to the war and the daughter never knows if she is going to wake up with a phone call saying that her dad had got shot or something. I never live with that because that would be hard on me, my brother, and my mom. That would be the worst feeling for any American or even non-American knowing that you could wake up from a phone calling saying one of your family members were shot. Some other reasons that the soldiers should get out of Iraq is because it is not safe at all for anybody to be living there because what i here on the news isn’t the best stuff. it is always like so many people were killed in Iraq this week and its so sad knowing that someone’s heart is really broken because on of there loved ones got killed!
Lastly, our economy is really bad. It has affected my family so much. The economy has made a lot of peoples lives miserable because not a lot of people can work and a lot of people are loosing there jobs. Many of people are losing there homes and so much more. People’s lives are becoming very difficult. For example, my family can barely buy anything for Christmas for me and my brother. My parents can barley even afford my horse that i have anymore and their even talking about selling him and that would be devastating for me and my family. This year has been a really rough year for so many Americans in this country. Even though I’m a teenager and I don’t know a lot of things that are going on in the world I do know that i am scared because of how the economy is right now. I’m just really hoping our country will come back together.
In conclusion, all I’m asking you is to help this country out and get us into a better position then we are in right now.
Thank you so much and I hoped you liked it.


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