Obama v.s. Gas Prices and Iraq War

Mr. President,

I know that for the campaign, your slogan was, “Change We Need,” but do you have any idea what that interprets to us? It tells us that you will take care of us; our needs. It says to us that you will be the kind of president that is for lowering gas prices. Also it implies that you would do something, anything, about the war in Iraq. Is that what you meant to say? Is this what you plan to do?
The first problem I see with this country is the ever changing gas prices. They rise, they fall, they soar, they drop. When is this going to stop? I am not driving yet. I’m only 15 years old. But you will be the president when I’m 16. I will be able to drive, and think of the average American teenager. They need gasoline to put in their cars. But how can they? Some of their parents won’t let then have a job becaus of their grades in school. Half of us have jobs, but we don’t get paid enough to fill our tanks to even get to work. What are you going to do to break down this issue?

The other concern of mine, and probably many others, is what are you going to do about the war in Iraq? I mean people want the troops out and home safe, but then wouldn’t that be surrendering? Other people want them to stay and want to send in reinforcements. I don’t beleive in giving up, but what about you? What are your thoughts? What do you plan to do?
What has happened to this country? Who is responsible? Who will take the blame? If no one is willing… what will become of us? Wake up! your the presisdent of the United States of America! You have the power! You can change us! So do it. Change us for the better. Build us. Shape us. Make us back into what we used to be. Free. Change us!

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