Obama, War and the Economy

Dear President Obama,

There are some issues I would like to discuss with you, but I’m only one youth amongst many that would like to speak to you. I would like to tell you my views on some issues and hear what you view as similar or your different view on it. I know that you probably won’t be able to write back since there are so many youths writing you and such. But I’m going to try anyways.

First, how do you feel being the first Black President? I was so happy to see a black man finally become president. It meant to me, that we finally reached true equality. I have hope for the future of our country thanks to this historical event. I have confidence that you will be one of our best presidents like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Don’t ruin that confidence if you can please.

Second, the economy hurts. What can you do that president Bush couldn’t do to fix it? I’m really into this subject because my mom is losing her job and we could barely make it before. I’ve been looking for a job but since the economy is hurting I can’t seem to get one because a lot of adults have them. I would like to see America raised back to its former glory as the great super power that gave financial support to other countries not received it from others. If anything should come first it should be the Economy.

Last, the war. I know you’re probably tired of hearing about it but it’s a big issue that just has to come up. I think we should leave Iraq to fend for itself. But we cannot stop the war on terror In Afghanistan. Unless we stop Osama Bin Laden now we will continually see terrorist attacks like on 9/11. This will smash our country into the ground. And our country will be the first of many that will be reduced to a third world country if we don’t stop him and other terrorist groups.

All in all, that’s my outlook on politics and such. I hope that you read this, but I won’t give my hopes up. If you do read this and want to respond please either send your response to my teacher who sent this letter to you or send it to my email at Snakedude14@comcast.net. I’ll look for your response at least twice a month until June.

Your friend and supporter,


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