What’s Happening by Dyami

Dear President Obama

I would like to take a moment to tell you about what I think are important subjects in this country. The first is about our economy and how it’s affecting people’s lives. The second issue is about high stakes testing in all our schools.

There has been a lot of stress on the United States because of the economy. Many people are losing their houses, cars, and most importantly their jobs. Recently, my friends that were my neighbors had to move and sell their house because they could no longer pay for it. All their kids had to move to new schools and move away from their friends. Another incident that occurred was my family had to give up our car because my parents couldn’t pay the payments for it anymore.

I know many of people who have lost their jobs or are looking for a new one but just can’t get one. Like my sisters friends dad lost his job and has been looking for one for a while, and they really needs money to pay for her gymnastics lessons for his daughter and all the things that come with gymnastics. Parents don’t have enough money to buy things for their kids. Like presents for Christmas, birthdays, and clothing.Another thing is people are eating out less and spending less money because they have less money to splurge on random things.

The second issue I wanted to tell you about is high stakes tests, like the FCAT for me because I live in Florida. There are many kids who are really smart and good at their schoolwork, but might not be good at testing, and so they could fail because of the No Child Left Behind Act. Another thing about the tests is that teachers really only teach you for the test. So we can’t add on other courses like philosophy, drafting, and architecture. We had all those courses at my school but had to get rid of them for intensive reading and math classes to improve test scores. Also the tests take up a lot of time and make kids jumpy from sitting down so long so when the tests are gone they’re loud and hyper from just sitting down all day.

So thank you for reading my letter and reading about what I have to say about the Economy and the No Child Left Behind Act. I hope you can do something about them and help our country become a better place.



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