On the Issues

Dear President Barack Obama,


Hello, my name is Alex and I go to Booker High School in Sarasota, Florida. I’m sure that the next few years are going to be great. I am excited about the possibilities.

I have a few suggestions for you. I believe that you are interested in what your people have to say, so I thought I would write to you to give you some feedback.

I am worried about global warming. I believe we need to protect our future by making the process of global warming back to its normal cycle. We need to save this world, it’s the only one we have. There’s so many different ways to work towards a brighter future.


One of the ways to protect the future is to form alternative forms of fuel. There are so many forms of alternative forms of energy :solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass and I’m sure ways we haven’t even thought of yet. I believe that we shouldn’t focus on just one kind or the other. I think we should explore all our options. Some parts of the country may handle one form of energy better than other parts. For example California may be able to use hydroelectric with the Pacific Ocean, Kansas would be a candidate for wind while solar energy would be better suited for Florida or Nevada. So different parts of the country would use different forms of energy. That would be better because we wouldn’t have to worry about transporting the energy over long distances.


Another thing we can do to help take care of global warming is to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. Ratifying the Kyoto Protocol would give us guidelines to follow that would make sure our Green House Gases levels are in the safe zone. Many countries have already started following it and America needs to join them. We need to be a good role model and show other countries that we care about our earth.


We need to protect our world and the things that live on it. Global warming is taking lives. It is destroying habitats. Places where animals are living are being dramatically changed. The increasing heat is causing the arctic to melt. This not only destroys the home of arctic animals but it raises the sea levels affecting every coastal country. That’s affecting a lot of people.


I’ve tried doing my own things to help the world like inventing things that would use less energy. I’ve always wanted to join groups to help plant trees and plants. To help nature be better for people to enjoy. I want to be part of your team. Not just team America, but one for a global unity. The only way to help this precious earth is to think of all of it’s inhabitants as equal family members. Working together to create a better world where peace and love are our common language. It may costs us some time and money but in the end it’s definitely worth it. I’d rather we spent money over lives. The only way to protect our future is to act as one world not many nations.





One response to “On the Issues

  1. Alex I agree with you. We do need to look into things as you said. We need to save the planet. Its the only one and we need to protect it. You remind me of caption planet. not in you yourself but like you in this essay.

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