Better Future for Immigrants…

I am writing to you, Mr. President, to talk about my opinions on immigration. As you and everyone know, immigration is one of the major problems in this country. I think that as president, you need to understand the issue from a Hispanic point of view. I know a lot of immigrant’s problems for my background, and that’s why I want this country to find a way for this issue to end.

The main reason why people immigrate is because in their own country, they don’t have as much opportunities as here. Mr. President, think about it, why would people want to move to another country, where they don’t know anyone, where they cant be with the ones they love? Isn’t this situation of “Illegal People” absurd? The people that immigrate want a better life for themselves; they want to work so they can have money for their necessities, and to do what they wished they could do in their country. We all know that the economy, not only here, but in other parts in the world is decreasing, yet everyone needs to have a job. Immigrants don’t come to the U.S to steal, or to make this country worse, they come to be hard workers and to have a better way of living life.

People see “Hispanic” people, and the first thing to come to their mind is “Immigrants”. I’m not saying that all the people in this country don’t like Hispanics, or that they are racist, but some people are very ignorant to think that the only immigrants come from Latin America. Before judging someone, they should all know that this country was made of immigrants, and still it is. Almost all the people that build buildings and that do the hard work are immigrants. The first persons to be here in the United States were Native Americans, and everyone else, except them, are immigrants. In such a great country, there should be enough work for every one; instead the government is creating laws to prevent people from making a living.

The other reason why this immigrant problem is affecting this country is now affects the teenagers in their education. Sometimes the teenagers that are immigrants really want to study, because in their country, they didn’t have the opportunity to do what they doing here, but with this problem,

They know that they don’t have more opportunities than finish high school, and that’s it. These teenagers don’t have the opportunity to go to college. The parents of these teenagers cannot afford the money to pay for college, and the scholarships are only for American citizens. They say that teenagers are the future of this world, but how are they expecting for this teenagers to be, if they don’t have the opportunities.

To conclude this letter, I would like to say that the Immigrant issue is really big. Every day more and more people are risking their lives, trying to cross the border, walking over the dessert, and doing other dangerous things, just to come here, to the United States and to do what they been wishing to do. They come here for a better future, but sometimes what they have is worse then what they were planning.


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