Current Issues

Dear President Barack Obama,

The mistakes of Vietnam seem to be reappearing in the war in Iraq. Everyone seems to want to pull out Iraq, and I am against leaving Iraq. Another thing I am against is how people think that people in the private sector should not been allowed to own personal firearms. I am against that idea as well. I will explain my opinions on the subjects of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as firearms control for the private sector.

To begin with, the war on terrorism is a war that needs to be fought. I believe that the United States should not pull out of Iraq until the job is completely done. The job is completely finished when the countries, Iraq and Afghanistan, are stable in the way of government systems, the country’s security, their military and police, and their basic needs like water, electricity, shelter, education, and food. If we left before all those things are achieved the job is not done. If we leave Iraq or Afghanistan before the job is done, then all the lives of American service men, which who have given up their lives for these causes, are wasted. If Americans leave Iraq and Afghanistan before the terrorist threat is eliminated, the terrorist will be able to rebuild their organizations and begin attacks in West countries and their allies. America and its allies cannot let this happen; we most finish the job so that we do not have problems in the future. By taking terrorism out of the world then things like 9-11 will never happen again.

The other issue that I am concerned about is gun rights. I believe I believe that the people in the private sector should be allowed to own, carry, and be able to purchase firearms. Even if the government takes away firearms and regulates the ownership of firearms, criminals will still figure out a way to get their hands on firearms. Either the black market or the gray market criminals would be able to get their weapons. In Africa people can buy an AK-47 for about fifty dollars. When the criminals get their hands on firearms and the law-abiding people will not be able to defend them selves or their families from dangerous criminals without the right to own a firearm. It’s not guns that kill people it is people who kill people. Plus people use firearms for other things like hunting, sports shooting, and target shooting. If the governments remove all firearms from the private sector, people will not be able to do all these fun things.

So you see, I strongly believe that we should finish the war in Iraq and makes sure 9-11 never happens again. Also we need to persevere the Second Amendment for our own protection and the protection of future generation. We need to conserve the good sports of sports shooting, target shooting, and hunting for our future generations. I hope you take this into consideration as you go through your presidency. I hope you form America into the country I know it can be.

Sincerely, David


3 responses to “Current Issues

  1. I agree with everything David says, i do not think we should pull out of this war. He made a good point in saying that if we pull out of this war now, all the Americans lives that were lost in the war would be pointless now. I also agree with him with him when he says guns dont kill people, people kill people. There will always be bad guys, but you should not punish everyone for the bad choices of some.
    – Emily Messinger

  2. I understand where he’s coming from about the war. If we leave now, all the fighting will be for nothing. Our firearms are our property and we should keep our rights. it states his strong opinion and backs it up. Good structure and overall well written essay

  3. -Allie H

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