My Opinions

Dear President Obama,

During the elections I was hoping and wishing McCain would win. I don’t agree with some of the things you stand for, and some of the things you do. I don’t understand why you would want to just pull out of the war, or why you are pro-choice. Although I didn’t want you to win, I hope you prove me wrong by being the president that we need, to get us through these hard times.
The main reason that people say they want us to pull out of this war is that there are too many Americans are dying over there. This year 176,853 people have died because of war, this year there has also been 902,424 suicides, 576,945 violent deaths, 361,845 poisonings, and most of all 1,230,065 deaths from car accidents. These are just some of the numbers of deaths in America this year that have nothing to do with the war, there are over six times the amount of deaths each year because of car accidents then from war. People only focus on the deaths in the war because it seems more violent and wrong, but more people die in front of our eyes, and I think we should take care of that before we think about ending the war.
September 11 is a day that no one in America will forget; it was the day that 2,976 free, innocent Americans died because terrorist attacked us. That is also a main reason we went to war, and now we have been in war for five years and for five years terrorist have not attacked us. I believe that if we just suddenly pull out of this war, we will be attacked again. A smart man once said, “The day we lose our will to fight is the day we loose our freedom.” Not only could this hurt Americans by the risk of being attacked again, it could mean very bad things for all the Iraqi people that have helped us and took our side. If we leave all the people that have helped us in Iraq, we are leaving them to die because they will be killed for taking our side. So we need to stay in this war for them, to help them one day have a better and more free life like the life we take for granite everyday.
Everyone deserves to live if they want to. So why do you think it is okay to kill little innocent babies? You say you are a Christian yet you are pro-choice. If you ask any Christian they will tell you it is wrong, and against their religion. I understand that there are some reasons why you would not like to keep your baby, such as if you got raped. But there are many people out there that cannot have babies that would want to have and love your baby. If you kill off a baby without even knowing who they are you could be missing out on a lot. That baby could be the next Albert Einstein, or George Washington but you would never know because you just kill it without a second thought. It is pretty much murder, so I don’t understand how its legal.
Overall I hope you can lead us out of this depression we are in, and I hope you will be a great president. Even though I don’t want to pull out of this war, and I don’t believe pro-choice is the way to go, I still support you as the president of the United States of America.



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