Allie’s letter to Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,
In my English class we are writing to you about subjects that matter to us. So the things that matter to me are; citizens gun ownership, the driving age, and school budget cuts.
I think that the government should keep their distance from citizens gun ownership. Our Second Amendment states that we have the right to bear arms. The government shouldn’t be allowed to take away our guns, unless under a court order because of a serious crime. Taking away our firepower gives too much power to our government. Using the excuse “removing the ‘bad’ guns” is a very unsupported idea. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. So removing ‘bad’ guns is impossible.
The driving age should stay at 16 because it teaches responsibility, its transportation for after school activities, and frees up parents sp they can be at their jobs. Driving is part of the teenage experience and it plays an important role in teaching them responsibility. After school activities and jobs require transportation that often cannot be provided be parents. If parents have to transport teens everywhere, it takes away their time from work. Keeping the driving age at 16 is the responsible choice.
School budget cuts don’t heal. A biology teacher at one high school, pointed out that school is made of paper and students. The budget cuts are causing teachers to cut back on paper. But no paper, no students. Al so since the dramatic budget cuts, the drop out rates have increased. And to you personally, you say that this country needs to move forward, but it can’t do that if our children are not being educated properly. They are our future, they should be a main priority.
Well congratulations on your victory, but now it’s time to get the country back on track and moving forward. The government should not have too much power, such as taking our firepower. Teenagers should keep their privilege of being able to drive at 16. And to keep America going strong, our new generation needs to be educated. I trust you with the future of America.

3 responses to “Allie’s letter to Obama

  1. I agree with a lot of the things in this letter. Some of the things that I agreed with was how you believe that the government should not take away the firearms of American people. I like your last line in that paragraph about how guns do not kill people, people kill people. I like that even though u stole it from me! I also agree with how teens should be able to have their drivers licenses and how it helps teach teen responsiblities. I also believe that school budget cuts should not happen. Schools need the money and with the budget getting tighter, the government should put back all the money.

  2. Miles McCreery

    I don’t agree that the government shouldn’t intervene with the gun problem in America, I think some guns should be outlawed, like there is no need for people to be allowed to have rocket launchers or to carry around AK-47’s. I know it sounds unfair but you have to factor in the human element in this subject, people get angry, people get sad and sometimes will go crazy with blind fury, now there is no need for an individual with a problem like that to have an AK-47 or rocket launcher in his/her attic. I’m not saying all guns should be illegal to own in a residential house(without a license) but just some of the guns.

  3. I agree on everything. Guns should be allowed. People should be able to hold firearms at there own risk. Guns shouldn’t be given to under-age teenagers who could easily cause a problem at their school. I wouldn’t want to see that happen. By the time I’m sixteen I want to be able to drive. I do so many things after school, he transportation issues is driving my parents nuts. I feel that as long as your going to be a responsible driver, driving at sixteen shouldn’t be a problem. Lastly, budget cuts are bad. No one wants to go to a school that can’t afford paper let alone teachers. Education is really important to me considering I want to go to college someday.

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