Stronger Lives or Longer Deaths?

Dear President elect Obama,

My name is Caitlin and I’m a diabetic. I praise you for bringing stem cell Research back as a bill that Bush vetoed. This could change my whole life. I have been a diabetic for nine years. I was diagnosed when I was about to enter first grade. If you bring stem cell research into play, I could have a whole new life, the life I never had. I mean what is better. It would be more than a lifesaver, a life changer.

Stems cells are taken aborted babies. When stems cells are not extracted from the fetus, the fetuses are simply destroyed. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to make some positive use in the destruction of this potential human being. I personally think that if you veto this bill again that you are cold hearted. The fetus is already dead and people are in need of new organs. For cancer patients it could bring them back from the brink of death, and for diabetics who have never known the freedom of being able to live a normal life Could you come up with another way to replace a human organ, that wouldn’t be rejected by the body? There are no other ways, this is a sure fire way to grow organs. There are five different stem cells to work with. Stem cells are known to grow faster than anything we have now. Stem cells are also known to not be rejected by the body as often happens with donor organs.

Stem cells are more than a lifesaver but a life changer. If this happened to me, I know my life would be so different. I could go to my best friend’s house and not have to freak her parents out with my shots. I know it doesn’t seem like much of a change but, it would be a huge change in my life. My arms and stomach are all bruised up and my arms have lumps on them from all the shots I’ve taken in my life. A new organ is a new life. Imagine if you had this life where you had to do something just to stay alive. You would want a cure for it as soon as possible.

If you could please, think of all the lives you would save, and all the others you would change. Please, think about it as if I was your daughter telling you this. You’d defiantly want a change in her life.




3 responses to “Stronger Lives or Longer Deaths?

  1. I agree that you should use any resources that you can to try to help people live better lives.

  2. jo mamaaaa (sarah)

    Not too long ago I heard that scientists might have found a new way to extract stem cells from fetuses without killing them. You should definately do some research on that and see if it’s true or not.

  3. I’m agree 110 percent with you. Things that can change peoples lives for the good shoudn’t thrown away and not used. I think this President will not veto the bill. I hope will not have to be a diabetic for much longer.

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