Amberlynn Writes to the President

Dear Mr. President,

My letter is about gay rights, abortion, and gas prices with lots of ideas with them. I’m from Sarasota Florida at Booker High school and I would really appreciate if you would take the time to read about what I have to say.

My first issue is gay rights. Gay marriage should be legal because people say it’s not what the person looks like it’s what inside of them and I for one really like that saying. Love is love doesn’t matter if you’re the same sex. And if someone comes out and tells people their gay they should not be discriminated against and people say that its not right because its not in the bible well if we listened to everything that came out of the bible do you think that in this day in age people would be killing people, selling drugs. Yeah I don’t think so.

My second issue is abortion. Abortion is murder no matter what any one says and murder is illegal so shouldn’t abortion be illegal I think so. Even if you can take care of the baby some one will be able to take care of the baby. Even though the baby isn’t born or walking talking eating on its own breathing or any type of thing like that its still a human being make it illegal it’s not right.

Last but not least and I know you’ve probably heard a many letters about this but its more important than anything right now gas prices. Gas prices are kind of low right now but there have been a lot of rumors that it’s going to get high again. Teens only get to be teens once and I don’t like sitting at home all day and watching expensive cable. No teens do. Teens like to go to the mall or skating rinks or anything else that goes on. But we cant do any of that because our parents can’t drive us there because they have no gas or they have no money. And if we’re old enough to have a car then we still cant go because teens cant get jobs right now because the economy is so bad so that means we have no money to get from A to B.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this letter to you about my ideas on gay rights, abortion, and gas prices I hope you will fix these things as time goes by and good luck on being the first African American president.

Sincerely – Amberlynn Andrews


2 responses to “Amberlynn Writes to the President

  1. What about public transportation? Taxis or even buses to take you from point A to B? Carpooling, bike riding, walking – these are all alternative options.

    As for abortion – whether it’s a baby or not is solely subjective. I know that here, in New York, when in the womb it is [i]not[/i] considered human life, which makes abortion an interesting issue.

  2. You have a point there about the bible situation, but God wanted the male and female to love and have relationships with the different sex. Not like the same sex. That’s not right. God didn’t make the female the only human to get pregnant for no reason. So therefore gay rights should not be legal!

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