Brent to Obama

Dear Mr. President,

I have three issues concerning my country, the United States of America. I would like to have these issues looked from my point of view. The issues that I want to focus on age limits, war, and the laws and regulations concerning guns. The United States could be a safer, yet more fun place if it were more safe. I think that laws or rules should be changed to keep the United States happy and safe.

First off, I would like to tell you about age limits and what I think should be done about them. I think that when kids think that they are ready to drive then they should go and take a test. I think that kids and their parents should decide if they are ready. I think that kids might abuse the right to drive at an early age, so the law should be that kids can drive when they are ready but if they get a ticket except for maybe a parking ticket, then they should get their license suspended until they are sixteen. I also think that when people reach the age of about 60 then they should be retested every year to see if they are still capable to drive or not. I also think that drugs and alcohol should be monitored when people reach the drinking age. I think that when people buy alcohol they should be limited between the age of 21 and 23 because those people are more likely to abuse alcohol use. My main point is that people should do whatever it is when they are ready, but to be monitored because they might abuse the system.

My next issue is the war going on in Iraq. I have a different idea of what to do in the war than what the United States has. I think that wee should stop wasting time and just get the mission accomplished. I think that you should sent more troops over, but just for a week to attack, win, and then leave before more problems occur. I think that we need to stop the war before any more people get hurt. If they attack the US again then that’s a different story. Then we should attack more heavily. Overall we should make a plan to end it.

Another issue that I have a problem with is that citizens have the right to carry a gun around. I think that it is very dangerous that people can carry guns around. Even though a license is needed, they can still put the gun to bad use. I think that if people want to shoot a gun, they should only be able to have a gun at a shooting range. I think that the only people that should be able to carry guns around are government forces. For example, police, FBI, or the army. Guns are dangerous and should be handled properly.

Now you see my point. I think that changing a few rules can save the lives of many people and life would be more fun. If there are no age limits and just tests, or the war would end and bring families back together, or not let crazy people have guns. The world could be a much better place.




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