Consider this

Dear Barack Obama,

I’m really strong minded about some of this stuff. And honestly I do know what I’m talking about even though I’m young. I don’t like to find out too much information because I think politics can separate us from our own visions of things. I don’t like labels like Democrat or Republican because they categorize us. Everything bothers me about this world but not enough so that’d I’d express my opinion. I like to keep myself about this kind of stuff. But for this one time I’d like to tell you what’s on my mind and what I am thinking about. Abortion, oil, and immigration are concerns of mine.

I’d like to start off with the most important subject to me, Abortion. I’m personally pro-choice. But I do understand both side’s points. Should I go around getting pregnant because I can just kill the baby and not have to worry about it? Definitely not. I feel that if you were brave enough to have unprotected sex then you should be brave enough to have the child you just brought into the world. But then again I do understand the point that people have about unplanned pregnancies. Accidents are accidents. And accidents should definitely be forgiven. Rape is also something that I take seriously. If you get raped and you become pregnant, do you honestly want that baby? That sounds terrible. But think of it but if put yourself in that position.

Oil. Oil is such an over used argument at the dinner table or a heated debate on every channel on your TV. No one really knows the stress behind it. I know that gas prices have gone down a lot lately. I like to think about oil like this… oil is something that as soon as we run out or in most cases waste we can not get it back. It is something that will be forever be off this earth. Same thing for water, coal and stuff like that. I heard that in 40 years we will be all out of our natural resources. Not just oil, but water as well. Do you know how awful that is going to be? I really think we need to be conserving. Get a bike or something. Cars are awesome, but so are our natural resources.

War. Just saying that word causes some people to get their mouths running and their attitudes flaring. There isn’t any real solution to war. War is another form of violence which is our human nature. War is just something people do when they want to prove a point. Do I think this is bad? Yes. I don’t think that anyone should want to prove something with death tolls. Why can’t we talk and negotiate. War is really not the answer. Even if it we are attacked.

So what is this world coming to? I’ll never really know. Nor do I want to because at the rate things are going I don’t think it will be a good outcome. But who knows. I just hope that you, Barack Obama, know and consider some of the stuff people are feeling.

Thanks, Karleigh Reier


One response to “Consider this

  1. Water makes up, I believe, 70% of their Earth. There is no way it will run out.

    As for Oil – No one knows exactly when it will run out. It can within the next year, decade, or three centuries down the road. It’s all speculation. No one really knows.

    As Oil goes up and down, the demand for an alternative fuel will emerge, more prominent than ever. In due time, we will see a new product hit the market. It’s hard to compete with Oil, as for it’s entirely built up and the world already runs on it.

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