Daidone’s Opinion

Dear Mr. President,

I would like you to read this letter with an open heart. You see I have this problem, while growing up I realized my sister was homosexual. I don’t have a problem with it at all, but it seems other people do. Now being a Christian and all is fine but I’m not in to all this self-righteous attitude that some religious are, I believe in God but these Christians now a days give us a bad name. They say that the bible says, “If you are gay you will go to hell.” But God says, “He will love us no matter what happens.” So there’s something wrong with this picture.

My family accepts my sister just the way she is, we don’t look at her saying she’s different than us because she’s not. Love is a number of emotions and experiences relating to sense of strong affection. You can’t help whom you love. I see that you have a family; you obviously love them with all you heart. Now what’s wrong with homosexuals, it’s not like they’re creatures from another planet, they are people and have feelings too. I’m not trying to be overly sarcastic but it’s the truth sir.

As I was writing this letter my friend searched and found that you are against gay marriage, I’m not sure if it’s the truth or not but I’m going to write this as if it is. Now let me ask you this, if your daughter turned to you and said, “Daddy I like girls and there’s nothing you can do to change your mind!’ What would you do? Would you hate your daughter for loving people and not looking on the outside, or would you accept her for loving people and looking on the inside? I’m pretty sure you would accept her or at least I would hope you would. Now I have friends that are against gay rights, and when ever I bring up the subject I end up getting into a fight with how strong my opinion is with it.

You see sir, being homosexual is just love and there are some things that people just can’t stop from happening. For example, putting a law up for gay marriage. There are still going to be homosexuals whether some people hate it or not. So why waste you time making gay marriage a law? I know you can’t stop love, if anyone tried to do that they are the ones that should go to hell. I have said my piece and I do hope you understand where I’m coming from because I know plenty of people who support gay marriage and many who are against it, but why ruin peoples love with prejudiced laws.


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