Daniel on the Issues

Dear President Obama,

I’m so glad that you were elected president of the United States but there are still issues that need to be dealt with to make our country much better. I am a high school junior in Sarasota, Florida. There are many issues facing us today and we are looking to you to lead us into the future. As a young person I am hoping that you will try to see the problems that are facing young people today. My two main concerns are the war in Iraq and the cost of college tuition

The first concern is war; the war in Iraq right now is really getting out of hand due to President Bush. I don’t agree that we should be in Iraq and we really need to bail our soldiers out of Iraq because too many are dying. If we don’t do anything about that issue our soldiers are all going to quit and give up on us then they might have to bring the draft back. The draft is a terrible idea to just pick random people to be in the army. People have goals in life and if they bring back the draft, they won’t be able to succeed in their goals. I personally don’t want to be drafted especially when I don’t agree with this war.

The next issue I have is the college fees; college fees in America are very expensive. Most families in America have more then one child that wants to go to college and they are already making so many sacrifices for just that one child so just imagine trying to send two or three children. Families are going to be in debt and that’s going to lead to doing illegal stuff for more money and not mention more violence. Just for college tuition alone it is approximately 25,000-30,000 dollars then you have to pay for books and you’re going to need a tutor and pay for food and other stuff/- the prices are outrageous.

In conclusion, I hope that you as our new president will understand some of the problems facing young people today.


One response to “Daniel on the Issues

  1. State schools are an excellent alternative. Many of them provide cheap, affordable education discounted to in-state students. Check out Florida State University. A very cheap and affordable tuition!

    Private schools, on the other hand, are basically businesses. They rely on tuition and donations to keep them running, thus the need for a higher tuition. But, state schools are public and are funded by the State.

    You can also look into several community colleges that offer the basic liberal art classes (first two years of college) for literally dirt cheap.

    Financial aid is also available for those who meet the income quota. Additionally, you can receive academic scholarships for excellent grades. If you maintain a 85+ average, you can count on having some money sent your way when applying to Public, and even some Private schools.

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