Jenna Speaks Out

Dear President  Obama,

I congratulate you on your success on making it into office as our President! Since you will be leading the way our nation goes, I would like to discuss some opinions and concerns of mine about our beloved and honored country, America. My concerns are regarding the war in Iraq, the economy, and the rights to abortions. These are the most important issues to me regarding our nation.

My opinion on the first issue of the war in Iraq is that the troops should remain there. We went there in order to help a country in need, so we should finish what we started and stay true to our word. Yes, many innocent men and women are dying for this cause….but these soldiers have chosen to do this with their lives. They want to help their country in any way they can. Our nation needs to support our troops as they go into war, risking their lives and leaving beind their loved ones that they may never see again. They deserve better treatmment, these war protests are not helping them in any way possible. Were always asking to send them home, but they want to be there so that we can stay here safe from harm. They are adults…they know what they signed up for, they made this decision. So why be upset with their decision making, how does it harm you?

As for the second issue I mentioned; the economy, there needs to be some sort of system or some help for people who are living out on the streets due to foreclosure or those who can’t feed their families. People are being fired because companies are losing money, which is not fair to the people who have worked hard and then have to suffer, and this often results in foreclosure or them getting their water or electricity turned off. The gas prices have been going down recently, and this is has assisted many families in their budgeting and given them more money for other things. In conclusion, this effects everyone…probably even you! Yes sir, even possibly the President of our country. You can help!

Finally, on the subject of women having the right to abortions, I am pro-life all the way! It is not fair to murder innocent children, just because of the fact that they are unborn and don’t yet have the right to fend for themselves. This act is just the same as killing someone who was already born, it is no t right. Although, in some circumstances, for instance being raped…I can understand why a young girl would possibly want an abortion, but I believe that everything happens for a reason. So maybe, just maybe there is some reason for this child being placed in this person’s life. This child may turn out to cure cancer, solve world peace, or be a major role in our country, but they would not be alive to accomplish their destiny. Who knows? Maybe one of the millions of children that have been killed could have already solved half of our nations problems! So let the innocent children be born…please.

These are my thoughts about some of the common issues faced by our country. I hope that you take the time to think about what I have said. Thanks for reading my thoughts and concerns and taking your time to do so. I appreciate it, Mr. President.

Thank You Again.


Jenna Ladd 4B


One response to “Jenna Speaks Out

  1. The President cannot change the economy. They are totally unrelated. However, we, as Americans, can effect the economy.

    In a nutshell, banks gave out loans to questionable people. People who have a history of not paying back their loans, credit cards, etc. It’s definitely a dumb move, but the banks were desperate (for many reasons) and approved these people. For a while, everything was going a-okay, till, of course, the payments stopped coming in. The people who had a history of not paying reverted back to their old selves and stopped paying. Their credit score gets marked up again and the company is left to write the loan off.

    On the flip side – The Americans are to blame, as well. We often say it’s the bank/mortgage company’s fault for giving us these loans, but we forget that we signed the dotted line. If you are only making 40,000 a year, you should not be buying a home worth 500,000 or more. Just because the guy at the other end of the table is telling you can do it – You can’t. It’s simple logic. The rule of thumb in Manhattan (and elsewhere) is, you must make x40 the monthly rent/mortgage. If you are making 80,000 – get an apartment/house for around $2,000 a month. Less is ideal.

    As Americans we need to realize what we are getting ourselves into. We need to stop looking at the other side as “greener.” We need to thoroughly evaluate the situation and make the most logical decision possible.

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