Letta to tha PREZZZ

Dear President-Elect Obama,

I am writing to you about my personal opinions and concerns as a teenager of America. I’m a Freshman at Booker High.

One issue that I feel is important-war. I believe our Americans should not be in Iraq killing numerous innocent people for no exact reason. Instead of wasting millions of dollars buying guns and weapons, we should be using it to make more occupations and prepare for the harsh future of global warming. McCain says that we are doing great in the war and that it will last for 100 years if needed. He also said that he would send more troops to Iraq if needed but he also said he’d send some troops back to America. He believes it is a good thing for us to fight in Iraq because it is “strategically and morally” good for the United States. I personally think we’re in a war we cannot win and we should just give up. Our troops should come home because we’re already in defeat.

Another issue I think is important is gay rights. I believe anyone and everyone in this world should have the right to love any sex. Gender shouldn’t affect the love you have for anyone. Our National Anthem clearly states, “Land of the free, home of the brave” meaning our Americans should have freedom of speech. In the bible it says two people of the same gender shouldn’t marry or love each other in that way meaning it’s a sin to be gay or lesbian. That doesn’t mean they’re going to change their sexual preference just because some people don’t necessarily agree with people being gay and liking them. I believe people can like whoever they want to and it doesn’t matter what gender they are. Marriage is about loving someone, not for their age, gender, color, or race.

Those are my opinions on the issues I think that are more important in America. I know I’m just a teenager but every individual has a say in what they think is right.

Sincerely, Ka’lean


One response to “Letta to tha PREZZZ

  1. Those lines from the National Anthem do not mean that Americans have the freedom of speech. However, our first amendment (from the Bill of Rights) states free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, peaceably assembly (protest, strike, etc) and the right to petition.

    You also the mentioned the Church. Church and State are separate entities. In fact, there are also two forms of marriage – the religious marriage and the legal marriage. You can be religiously married but not legally married and vice-versa. The Gay Rights debate revolves around the idea of legal marriages, which propose a whole slew of benefits; filing for federal income tax, for example.

    Every generation is different. We, as humans, do not like change. And as we age, we start to hate change even more. For example, if you lived your whole life knowing that the color of the sky is blue, would you be susceptible to accepting the fact that the sky is red? All research and evidence aside, it would be hard to put apart your old views for new, seemingly “radical” ones. Same applies to Gay Rights. The generation above us (our parents and even our parent’s parents) generally are against homosexuality. Back in the 50s, 60s and even 70s, homosexuality was considered a mental disease and they were sent to psych wards. It’s hard for them to grasp the idea of gay rights.

    Our generation (generally people between 15-25, I’d say) are okay with homosexuals. There is no bitter hatred. Acceptance of homosexuality is on the rise and we can probably expect to see it legally accepted by the time we are parents.

    Sit tight and prepare to vote for what you believe it. 🙂

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