Megan Writes

Dear President-Elect Obama,

I am writing to you to express my concerns about our country the biggest concerns of mine being abortion, war, and gas prices/offshore drilling. These might not be the biggest problems there are, but these are the three I feel strongest about.

I am personally pro-choice, and i feel abortions should be legal. Some may argue the point that abortion is murder, but i think if you have an abortion now, it’s much better than raising a child with a horrible life, and risking the option of suicide later on. Especially concerning teen pregnancies, I feel that if you are pregnant and can’t say with confidence that you can give your child a good life, and adoption is not an option, abortions are a perfetly acceptable choice. Another instance, i think is if a woman was raped, an abortion would be the best outcome for all, because i know if i were raped and conceived a child, i would always have this resentment for that child, and no child should have to live with that burden. I personally don’t think I could ever have an abortion, but i think everyone should at least have the option to if they need it.

Also, i feel the war in Iraq has been drawn out way too long. I am all for bringing home the troops. I think this war has gone on much longer than necessary, and i think it’s time to send everyone home to their families. I know a few people who have friends and family in the war right now, and they worry about them every second of every day, dreading the phone call that says that their beloved ones aren’t coming home. For instance, i know a girl who’s father is in Iraq as we speak, fighting for our country, and meanwhile his daughter worries about him constantly, and her mother is left to raise her four kids as a single parent, and attempting to work a full time job. The war is hard on everyone, and i think peace is greatly overdue.

Another concern are the gas prices, and the off shore drilling. I know there are many people who want to stop the off shore drilling beecause they insist there are better alternatives we can be putting our money into, but i feel as if this is not entirely possible right now with the current state of our economy. We are in a recession right now, and the gas prices have been reduced greatly, which has been an utter blessing for everyone because with gas prices reaching four dollars-or more in some places-it was nearly impossible for people to afford to drive. Yes, gasoline is bad for the environment, but America has become so dependent on it switching to an alternative would be quite difficult. Many cars we have now are designed for gasoline, and that’s what they can run off of. To switch fuels the only possible way to do that is to be remodeling every car to fit the needs of the new fuel, or just getting new cars all together. See i don’t think people understand it’s not just as easy as putting a new solution in the tanks and paying less money, and we’re good to go. No, it’s much more complicated than that, and i think the only way to help our country as of right now is to go ahead and do the off shore drilling. I know eventually we’re going to run out of gasoline and have to use a new fuel alternative which will be good, but with the state of the economy i think it’s crucial that we stick with gasoline as of right now.

So in conclusion, I think that abortions should remain legal, the troops should be brought home, and the switch to an alternative fuel would be nearly impossible right now, so i think we should continue off shore drilling. Thank you for your time! Wish you much luck.

Sincerely, Megan.


2 responses to “Megan Writes

  1. Excellent points. 🙂 You really know your stuff.

  2. Although our views differ, I think that you did a very good job of explaining the problems that you have the most concerns about. You definitely know what you are talking about like Michael said, Good Job(:

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