Obama our President-Tommy

Dear President Barack Obama,

I am concerned for the United States of America. What are your plans for the country? Ihave some of my own concerns you should take a look at. The major concerns I have are the economy, global warming and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To begin with, what do you want to do about the struggling economy? As you already know, the economy will be getting worse every day before it gets better. Will the taxes rise higher than ever? This is a major concern for all the people of the United States. We are all concerned about money and our homes. People aren’t buying as much anymore because money is so scarce. Homes are being lost because of the whole money issue. Even my friends who were doing so well are now seeing changes in their lives. It’s hard to watch people that you are friends with lose everything they have and end up on the streets. It’s just too much.

Additionally, the global warming issue is an important conflict. Animals that live in Arctic areas are dying and many species will become extinct. Do we put them in facilities to protect them? Another thing is what to do about protecting ourselves from it? What are scientists doing to study the effects? Is there a possibility they could be catastrophic? We need to be warned as soon as we know what’s going on with our world. I would be willing to do whatever it takes to prevent anything that could cause danger for humanity. Even if that means hanging the way I live. Whether it means we can’t use gas powered vehicles or houses that use too much energy. I will do my part.
Last but not least, what are you going to do about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are the troops still coming home? We all miss our friends and family. They need to come back to visit or even stay. What will you do to help Iraq and Afghanistan from their problems? We all know they are going through some rough times themselves. We should be good Samaritans and battle these times as friends, not enemies. I also have a few of my own family members and friends there as we speak and I know we need to protect ourselves. We miss them and I miss them.

In conclusion, I’m sure you know what to do about my concerns. We all hope for the best. My only major concerns are the struggling economy, global warming and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I personally want this to be resolved but, not just for me, for the country.


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