Problems in America

Dear Mr. President
It’s an honor to write this letter to and you taking some time to read it.
These are my three topics on which I think u need to work on and make America a better place to line. The three topics are immigration, jobs, and abortions.

My first topic is immigration and I think that it’s something that will never stop. I’m not saying to legalize every immigrant in the United States but do something it and legalize the right immigrants. Legalizing the right immigrants they can get good jobs and help America in the economy.

My next topic is jobs. I think jobs is the main reason why people loose they houses their cars and their families. I know how hard it’s to keep a job and how hard it is to find another one. This is another reason why people get divorce they loose their job and start having problems with each other. Some of the problems would be like they cant pay rent or don’t have money to buy food or the monthly payment to the car.

My last topic is abortion. Abortion I think it’s something that should be illegal in the whole world. There is no reason why women have abortions just because they think they can’t take care of their baby. I think that if you have an abortion you shouldn’t be free you should be locked up for murdering a unborn baby. Also having a baby should give the strength to keep moving forward in life and give the best life that the baby deserves.

In conclusion immigration is something that’s never going to stop. Jobs that’s something that can be fixed but it’s going to take some time. Abortion now that’s something that can be fixed right away and stop abortion and killing those innocent unborn baby’s.


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