Tatum on the Issues

Dear, Mr. Obama

You are President of the United States of America, congratulations. Those were some close polls and John McCain almost had you there, but you pulled it off in the end. Not to mention you’re the first African-American president.

First things first I hope you find that other fuel source. I think wind would be a good source of energy and electricity. I’m almost driving and the gas prices were outrageous, but now they are the lowest I have ever seen. Offshore drilling in Florida was the worst idea it would destroy our beaches, pollute our waters and reefs. I’m a big eco nut and very interested in marine biology plus I go snorkeling every summer.

Good luck with the bail out plan, I don’t think that will work, because the more money you give Wall Street they well spend more and dig themselves deeper and deeper into debt. Greed got us in this and it’s not going to get us out.

The war in Iraq was a good idea but it went too far. I think this country is too nosy in the other country affairs. Back when this country was just getting started, the government wanted to be solitary from all the other countries not, many people know that. My eight grade teacher told me that.

The people in congress are starting to act like robots. We need compassion, understanding, and fresh ideas. I have heard so much stuff about change in the government I hope Mr. Obama you will finally make it happen.


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