The Issues

Dear President Obama,

            If you haven’t noticed, this country has many issues. I am writing to you about the issues that concern me most. These problems are abortion, the lack of money in schools, and the negative affects of war. I hope you take the time the address these issues, for I am sure many other people have the same concerns as me.

            Well, first of all, I would like to take the time to tell you about abortion. In my opinion abortion is wrong. Honestly, I think that abortion should be outlawed. It is the act of taking the life of another human being. I mean, if murder is illegal, shouldn’t abortion also be illegal? I also think that people should learn from their mistakes instead of taking the easy way out.

            Next, Mr. Obama, I feel there should be more money in schools. The money could be used to help art programs in schools. There are many talented students who need a chance to show off. Also, let’s face it; school food has no nutritional value what so ever. More money could help bring healthier food to the starving youth of our nation. Finally, better educational tools could help lead to improving test scores from students across the nation.

            The last issue I would like to address is war. I think the war in Iraq should be stopped. This would teach future generations to solve problems peacefully. Also, there wouldn’t be so many people in America losing loved ones who are soldiers. America would become, overall, a more positive country.

            So, as you can see, I have some concerns that I am very sure other people have as well. I think if you solve these problems as president, America would be a much better country.





2 responses to “The Issues

  1. Education can be taken up as a local issue, as well.

    I wanted to make some changes to the Lunch Menu a few years ago. Some friends and I approached the Principle and he told us that it was a wonderful idea, however, we would need to coordinate everything and keep it within a reasonable budget. That seemed a bit daunting and since it was our last year in the school, we said, “Eh. We won’t even see the fruits of our hard labor.” and let the idea die.

    If you wouldn’t mind putting in the effort – Talk to your principle. Get a group of kids interested in the same idea. Get a teacher (or two) to help you organize everything and tackle the Lunch Room.

    As for Art programs – Unfortunately, artists struggle. I know that my school does various art fairs. I was featured in one once. I wanted to attend, however I had prior commitments that day and was not able to. I hear the turn outs are great and tons of kids receive recognition. Either try to start a group that does something like that, or even contact some local art galleries and ask if they will be willing to collaborate on a high-school student gallery showing or something of the like.

    The possibilities are endless. 🙂 Don’t rely on the federal government for funding. Take it up locally.

  2. stephanie lewis

    I think abortion is wrong but there is times in people life that they just cant take it at the time so that when abortion come in but its very harsh. I also think personally that there is a lot of money for school but they only give the money to the school that are well educated and that just beacuse our school isnt maken it we should still recieve money our learning enviornment is horible. And as far as war we need to live peaceful we shouldnt let others die jus because we want to over rule somthing.

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