Dear President Obama,

My name is Corinne, I’m in the 11th grade and I attend Booker High School. Mr. President, I have some strong opinions about welfare, and I hope you will think about some of my ideas. Along with many people, my family sometimes struggles with money. My experience leads me to think that welfare is a more important topic than some may see. If a family that isn’t supported by welfare can struggle, middle class families, lower middle class etc. Then it must be really hard for those who are desperate and really in need of any kind of support.

This is why I see welfare as a very important topic. There are many issues and important topics in the economy to deal with, but there are a large percentage of people provided by welfare, making it a wide and common problem. If there is a way to avoid the need of welfare, it can help more people than just the families who use it, even families like mine. It’s a common problem that we have yet figured out how to avoid. Many people suffer from not having enough income to support them and their families, which is why welfare is beneficial, but, there has to be something we can do so it’s not necessary. Why are so many people supplied by welfare anyway? Many reasons I suppose, the lack of ability to get a job, the necessary items of families, and sadly enough, irresponsible actions. The fact that there are a large number of people in welfare anyway doesn’t help either. I’m not sure of all the options they are provided, but even when denied jobs, shouldn’t they be supplied even a small part time, paying job? I think more businesses should give minor tasks so something can be provided, even if the lowest minimum wages pay possible. Or even be obligated to volunteer somewhere to give back what is given to them.

Considering the number of citizens in which are provided welfare, I feel a selected few should be closely interviewed and checked on. Some people truly do have drug issues, alcohol issues, or any self brought disability which holds them back from getting jobs. It’s nearly impossible to interview and check on each selected welfare taker, but perhaps it could be done with the few. Such as the ones who have less evidence that they actually need it. In my personal opinion, someone who has a family and tries to take care of themselves and their family should be provided a little more for than someone who abuses their privileges. This is why even a slight suspicion should be checked on periodically. If these suspicions are accurate, support of rehab should also be given along with the welfare, and only continued if progress is being made.

So much money is given away, taking from the economy. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would agree that it should truly be limited for who and what REALLY need it. Or at least be cautious so what the government provides is being well used. Thank you for taking this into consideration, It’s important considering it helps the people of this country, and a large part of what this country is, is what its people are.


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