Xenia’s Letter

Dear President Elect Obama,

Abortion is a major issue here in the United States. It’s the killing of human being and yet it’s not considered murder. It’s also very unsafe for the person having the abortion. And then there’s also the emotional and psychological damage that’s left behind. Abortion should be illegal.

Time and time again we see murder, rape, suicide, the most sickening events shown on the news. Yet somehow when it comes to the killing of an unborn child it’s not considered murder but abortion, an everyday thing. And why is that? Is it because the child can’t speak for itself? If someone were to murder a three month old baby, who can’t even talk yet, that person would certainly go to jail for a very long time. So that can’t possibly be it. Is it because the child hasn’t fully formed yet? We have to be formed in the same way too, or else no one would be here today. But by not making abortion illegal, anyone could go around killing the unborn children of impregnated women and it would be okay because it’s just abortion and not murder.

Abortion also has its risks. Risks like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Placenta Previa, future ectopic pregnancies, and also infertility. And in a 1994 study in the journal of the National Cancer Institute found: “among women who had been pregnant once, the risk of breast cancer in those who had experienced an induced abortion was 50% higher than among other women.” These risks are just for surgical abortions. Medical (or chemical) abortion risks include: bone marrow depression, anemia, liver damage, and lung disease. There may also be heavy bleeding for as long as 40 days and the abortion may occur anywhere. And although some of these after effects can be treated, there are some that can’t be fixed with pills or surgeries.

Medical or chemical abortions can lead to psychological and emotional trauma. They might leave the person with eating disorders, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, relationship problems and even suicide. Also when women have these chemical abortions they often see the complete tiny bodies of their unborn child and are even able to see the child’s developing hands, eyes, etc, which leads to even deeper psychological wounds. You also have to take into account that these damages not only ruin the lives of the people who have an abortion but their families and friends as well. All of which can be prevented.

So you see abortion effects everything and everyone around it. It leads to physical and mental damage. It’s also dangerous and not to mention immoral. I strongly believe that abortion should be illegal because the only thing abortion does is destroy lives.


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