America Needs Change

Dear President Obama,
My name is Charlie and  I come from a middle class family with a Puerto Rican mom and an African-American dad. I’m thrilled that I lived to see the day where a man with African-American heritage can lead our country. My mom came to America to find opportunity in this country and she succeeded. We live in a great country and are blessed to live in America where we can be whatever we want.

To begin, I think there are many issues in America right now, but the one that concerns me the most is the state that the economy is in right now. The price for everything is rising, even essential items such as milk; a gallon of milk costs around $4 here. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics gas has peaked at $4.40 per gallon and has risen by $2.60 since 2000. While gas prices are getting lower due to a lower demand, I believe they will get higher eventually once demand starts to increase again and people start traveling more..  I fear that by the time I am driving on my own (about 1 year and a half) a barrel of gas will cost over $110, hopefully I can afford it.

Recently, America has been officially declared to be in a recession. I will be on my own in the world in about 4 years and I would not want to live in a country that is on the brink of another depression. I have good faith in what you can do to help our country and look forward to the new direction our country will go in. The economy overall is not good as the stock market is in the worst shape it’s been in. The Dow dropped by 778 points in 2008 on one day which was the biggest loss in a single day ever. This problem needs to be addressed and hopefully this recession will be over soon.

To conclude, I wish you luck in your adventure as president. I have the utmost faith in you and your staff. I don’t expect you to fix this myriad of problems in a few months but I’m sure you can get it done. I plan to vote for you in 2012 as you bring change to the America and lead a new age.


One response to “America Needs Change

  1. Supply and Demand is a great way to describe the price of gas. Speculation predicts the amount of supply – once a company states that an oil reserve is not as full as they initially thought it was, or that they are having a hard time finding another reserve within reasonable perimeters, the price is going to soar. To the market, the good is becoming scarce. There are also various problems within countries that hurt the supply. Nigeria, for example. They’re a big exporter of Oil. Rebel forces are fighting against the Nigerian government to get a larger stake in the money. Billions are being made and hardly any are being spent on the public. It’s being tied up and tangled among high ranking government officials. They are taking over and destroying oil drills – greatly effected the output of Oil. Additionally, more and more countries are increasing their demand for Oil.

    The supply is going down and the demand is rising – A recipe for disaster. The market seems to have cooled down now, Oil has crashed at under two dollars a gallon.

    As Oil’s big downfall – We cannot predict how much is left or what will happen to the price. Out of the ordinary events are unpredictable. Take the Oil Embargo in the 1970s, for example.

    Also – Take the Dow with a grain of salt. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is simply the average of the top 30 Public companies. It’s not exactly the most accurate figure, anyway.

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