Dear President Obama

I will like to take a few moments to write to you about immigration but mostly about the embargo that the United States of America have on Cuba. The embargo is having a very bad effect to the people that live in and out of Cuba. Families are being spread out because of the separation that they have .The Cuban families are almost starving because the situation that is going on Cuba right now is really bad, because the families that don’t have any one that lives out of the country is having a really bad live because they don’t have enough resources such as food, because of the monetary issues.

As Cuban immigrant it really hard for us to see our families because we only get to see them once every three years and when we go we can only stay there for 15 days which are hardly even enough to be with your family. This matter is affecting everyone because we think that its unfair that you could travel as many times as you like to other countries but not to ours just because it’s a communist country.

A second issue is monetary it is very clear to me that we are in a recession right now , even before we were in it, Cubans traveling home were only allow to go with a certain amount of money that could not exceed a limit. If you would of ask my opinion, not just because I am Cuban but just as a normal human been, even forgetting that I am from the Hispanic minority, I would say that that is a very bad idea. The embargo against Cuba hurts both of my countries economically.

A third issue is that families left behind in Cuba that don’t have any one that could help them support them because they are not allow to travel in and out of the country.. Because by doing that there is no freedom for the people to explore the world.

Finally as my conclusion I would like to restate that this embargo that the United States of America has with Cuba has to end because is cutting al sores of recourses that go in and out of the country. In wich is not only affecting the people but the economy as well. The issue that the two countries have should not be solved like that because it’s just affecting a lot of families. I also think that the two new of Cuba an the US presidents should get together and solve things out in a peaceful way.


One response to “Cuba…

  1. I agree with you about the embargo, as a Cuban immigrant too i understand what you mean about the food and money shortage. I aslo think they need to let us go to Cuba more often than once every 3 years, since other people can go to their country whenever they like with no problems.

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