Letter To The President

Dear President Obama

My name is De’Vante and I attend Booker high school in Sarasota, Fl There are some issues that bother me very much and I would like them to be addressed. I think these are some very important things that are destroying our economy. It has come to my attention that these three things are coming up more in more in are society, illegal immigration, abortion, and

the way FCAT is preventing many 12th graders from graduating.

The Illegal immigration needs to stop because the United States population growing heavily. Many Americans that live in the United States can’t even find a job because of the way many immigrants have come in and taken all the low paying jobs to take care of there family. We the teens need those jobs but can’t find any because no one is hiring. I think one way we can stop this is better border control. We are not as protective over the border as we should be .I think that will solve most of are problem.

Next, I have seen and heard about abortions so much lately Teens and young adults are getting abortions because they are not ready to have a baby. Abortions also cost lots of money some teens are having a hard time finding the money to get an abortion. I feel that if teens make a baby they should keep it because it’s not a good thing to do, why kill something you made? I think abortions should be against the law.

Last but not least, the FCAT this is the main thing I would like to change. First of all the FCAT keeps students from graduating, and its no reason any student with good grades shouldn’t be held back from graduating. I think a student can’t be totally focus on there grades knowing you have to take the FCAT. Teachers spend half of the year stressing students about the FCAT I think there needs to be a change.

In conclusion, we have issues in the United States that need to be fixed. The environment around us is changing I thinks its time we make a change in our society. You being the new president I hope you can address these issues that have been brought to your attention.


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