My Letter To The President

Dear Mr. President,

Hello. My name is Ian and I am a student at Booker High School and am writing this letter to inform you of the problems I’m sure you’ve already heard about many times. In class, we were told to write a letter to the new president of the United States. Congratulations on being that man, I might add. Now, this letter might be on of shallow topics (such as gas prices, and money), but instead, I want to get on a personal level with you. I want to tell some very vital problems I’ve seen.

First, I’d like to tell you about the problems going on at schools now-in-days. Now, I’m sure you may be informed about the fighting and even sometimes killing in schools. Unfortunately on top of that, there is something else happening in schools around America. Children are loosing their hope and cares and dreams in schools. They have just stopped caring. This is a big problem. If kids don’t try, if kids don’t put their best into school work, then why is school a major function. Some classes don’t teach all that needs to be taught, and the children loose their attention and their thought process wonders in every which direction except in the lesson. This is scary because children are our future, and if anyone, you should be the one to care about the young people. Another vital problem is there isn’t enough supplies in school. Class bores students and from personal experience, the best way for a student to learn is with a nice environment and a little humor. So just be aware of this and keep it in your mind.

Next, I’d like to point out the terrible G word….. Gas… Now, as I said before, this letter can be shallow depending on your point of view. It’s not gas prices I’m worried about, but the way we are using gas as if it was an abundance. News flash people… we don’t have that much. Gas needs to be used as a backup source in my opinion. We need to be looking for other ways to transport ourselves from point a to point b. We need more energy sources. Now, you might not be able to do this yourself. You might not have a say in where scientists put their effort. But defiantly get someone working on it.

Lastly, I’d like to raise the most important question. Where do you stand with God? Do you recall a conference where someone asked you your religion? You told them “I believe in God.” Well… Satan himself “believes” in God, but he sure as heck doesn’t love him. I’m strong in my belief with God. I’ve been raised a Baptist Christian most my life and lately our society has been stricken with a horrible hatred and lust. We need a strong leader to help us through the hard times. We need someone to help out the little people. Now, God is willing to use you in an amazing way, but we need you to let him work through you, and with you. Now, back to America. We have become corrupt with harshness in a horrible way. There was an incident I’m not sure you heard about. A man named Delvis went to Iraq and made it back to America. He was in America, when someone shot him and stole his car. This was in America after LEAVING Iraq. This is ridiculous. This man went to my church and he was an amazing friend to everyone and a great guy. I’m scared of what this country is becoming and we need a strong leader to get us away from this hatred and fear.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now. I just hope that you can get some of these things sorted out. And these are only a few of the problems I’m seeing. If anyone can do it, it will be you. You’re going to be a great president and a great leader, I’m sure. But please if you get this letter take it as a serious note. Thank you for listening and taking your time to read this.


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