Westie to Obama

Dear President- Elect Obama,

My name is Westie, and I am a junior at Booker High School in Sarasota, Florida. There are three major issues; abortion, homosexuality, and War, that are very big topics right now nationwide, and I would like to bring them to your attention in this letter. Below is my opinion on these subjects. Please read them over and kindly consider my ideas in your presidency.

The first issue I want to bring to your attention is abortion. I truly believe it should be banned, completely! The first reason is because if you choose to have sex before marriage, or even during marriage, and you get pregnant, you should not punish the child for your choices. Every child has the right to live. We should work on the adoption laws in America so people would adopt American children in stead of leaving the country to adopt children. The second reason is because it is a great risk for the mother, both physically and emotionally. When a woman has an abortion it puts her at a high risk of dying because of internal bleeding or because of some other complication. Emotionally it is life- lasting as it is an irreversible act. Lastly, America is all for helping others, and as Americans we must protect and help the most helpless, that is the unborn. I believe God will not bless a nation who kills the unborn.

There are some people who believe that life does not begin at conception. But that is not true. A fetus must be alive during pregnancy; why else would a woman take an ultrasound picture and proudly share it with friends and family? You wouldn’t do this with an ultrasound picture of any other body part. Also, for those who don’t believe that life begins at conception, they are wrong, for” a test tube baby proves that life begins at conception.” According to Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop.

The second issue I wish to discuss is homosexuality, and by that I mean Gay marriage, Gay rights, and Gay people adopting children.

First of all, I think gay people should not be allowed to adopt. My reason is, I believe a mother and father each have special gifts they bring to a child. Such as a woman brings nurturing and comfort, while a father brings provision and security. Women and men are totally different physically and mentally. Together they were designed to offer a more complete role model, although not all families are perfect.

When gay people adopt children it confuses a child’s way of thinking in many ways. It also may cause embarrassment to them because of their lifestyle compared to straight people.

Another point is I believe gay people should not be allowed to get married. The anatomies of a male and female were designed to fit intimately to produce children. Two men and/or two women cannot reproduce. God designed us to require one of each gender in order to populate the world. What if everyone were gat? What if the animals were gay???

God, Designer of the Universe, had very specific plans in mind when he made us. Leviticus 18:22 NIV “do not lie with a man, as one lies with a woman, that is detestable”. It doesn’t mean we should be mean to gay people, it just means we should not support that life style. Lastly, I believe gay people should not get special rights just because they have chosen this lifestyle.

The last subject I wish to address to you is war. I can understand how some people can be anti- war, because it causes death, heartbreak, and trouble between nations; but, sometimes war is necessary, if you want freedom. The freedom to say what you feel out loud, the freedom to believe in any religion without getting killed, and the freedom to do what you want. These things are not free. The only way to have this kind of freedom is to fight for it.

I understand that some people think we should not fight over in Iraq (in that area) because it kills innocent people, cost a lot of money, and kills some of our troops. But, if we left Iraq that would not help anyone. That would just bring all the trouble of war over to America and would not have changed a thing. I know for a fact that most of Americans would rather fight terrorists in their land, than in our back yard. After all “Evil must be defeated”!

After 9/11 happened, we went over to Iraq to fight for the protection of our loved ones, protection of our land, and the protection of what America stands for; to be a free and independent nation. That is only possible because of the people who believed in, fought for, and gave their lives for the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (Declaration of Independence.)

Lastly, Fight for what you believe in. Fight for what is right. Fight for America!

In conclusion to this letter, my opinion on these subjects of abortion, war, and homosexuality have been stated. I sincerely hope you consider these views in your presidency.


One response to “Westie to Obama

  1. well i am also sorry that we don’t agree in a lot of things. with abortion, when you get an ulltra sound it is to late to get an abortion also say you were in the situation where you got pregnant now or even a year ago. that is not good for you mentally or for health also. when at this age you have a high risk of dying and if you don’t your child has the embarresment of having a mom whom is only 15 or 16 years older plus, how are you going to be able to succsessfully raise a child. Stop school. devote all your time to the kid and risk the chance of nevber finding your true love.
    with the gays. are they hurting you? are they coming to your home and pushing there ways onto you? no. they have done no such thing. with adopting a kid, what is more hurtful and embarrensing having a mom that can;t take care of you properly and is not to much older than you and more often than none with no father. or having the your mom and dad be the same sex?
    …ok lastly, war. our excuse to go over there was to get rid of weapons of mass destrution…we new there was no such thing, so then we say we were going to capture that bad guy and we did…and killed him. so why did we destroy there country for this long. we could have done so many things differently. ugh anywho im going to stop now but if you want to hear and disscuss our opinions we can..without typing lol

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