What I think.

Hey Obama,

I am very proud and happy to be an African American at this time in history. I would love to just talk with you in general, but I would also like to discuss some topics with you that are really concern me.

One of my concerns is that black teens are not as proud of electing the first African American president as they should be. Some of our black teen’s show their ignorance when they talk loudly and use words they don’t even understand. Instead of disrespecting President Obama’s accomplishment, black teens should take pride and use this as an example to higher their ambitions for themselves. People have been showed how powerful blacks really are even before Obama. Many that showed like Benjamin Banneker, Martin Luther King, Willis Johnson, and many more have shown how far we have come. So with all theses examples why wouldn’t you take the time and better yourself?

Another topic that is one of the most irritating to me is poor neighborhoods. I think poor neighborhoods produce some people who lack pride in themselves. Some of our people and I don’t just mean blacks live in the most nasty places you could ever think of. One of many names for that type of place is the “ghetto “. If people live in good neighborhood and have the proper living then maybe they could do better in school or work. I know solving that problem isn’t easy but I think if we when one state at a time and fixed up things or start to and let the state finish up. Now I know that all won’t get done in one year or even two but if we keep up and work hard its possible, as we can see anything is possible.

The funding of schools is also an issue for me. Everyday we are told to stay in school and get in education. How can we when education money is getting cut. There is no reason a student in Florida should not have the same resources as a student in New York. Education should be equal. Testing rewards schools that are already doing well and tend to be in wealthy areas. School in poor income areas needs more resources not less.

Another major issue is prejudice; to be honest I deal with in on the daily base. For many reasons, because I am a mixed individual not just the basic black and white but African American, Puerto Rican, German, Arabian, with those things I happen to look a little different from my other girl peers. That’s just not with me, but many of others. We don’t always get accepted and that can cause depression and even suicide.

I think you get what I am trying to say….I hope you will try to solve some of our problems. I’m not looking for a miracle, I know it will take years, but that’s okay because over those years we will become what most have been waiting for.




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