Sarah says…

Dear President Elect Obama,

It has come to my attention that there are some very important issues in the U.S. and I am concerned. Our high economy is my main concern, but I would also (like hundreds of thousands of other people my age) like to talk about how I feel about abortion.

The school I go to, Booker High school, is unlike any typical high school. Booker is packed with many different people with lots of talent. This is probably because of our Visual and Performing Arts program. The reason why I brought up my school is because eventually the majority of these talented kids are going to want to go to a good college to hopefully pursue a career in which they can use their talents in their every day lives. Unfortunately since our economy is in a downward spiral, this lowers our chances of actually being able to afford to go to a good college. I am in the V.P.A. for art, and I have wanted to go to Ringling College of Art and Design since I knew it existed. Ringling, to me, is a dream college. If I got to go there I would be the happiest person alive, but I’m not sure if I can because of how expensive it is and how bad our economy is. It’s not like Oprah is going to knock on my door one day and give me some giant check. Our economy is sucking the money out of this country’s pockets’, there’s no way around it. Sure there are scholarships, but I’m not sure a dinky 1,000 dollars will do that much. Who knows, maybe there are better scholarships but what if I don’t get them. Then what will I do? My grades are ok, I get A’s and B’s but I’m not anything special. I am definitely not gifted enough to go into an honors program, but I do try in school and strive to get at least B’s , at the lowest. Even so, I am still worried I won’t get into my dream college. Our economy- we need to work on it for the sake of our teenager’s future . The other day in art class, a senior who volunteers in the art room and who is also in the art program started to debate with me about abortion.
He said to me, “Do you not think that women should have a choice to do what they want with their baby? Don’t they have the freedom to decide for themselves whether or not abortion is right or wrong?”
I in turn replied, “No woman in her right mind should ever want to take away a child’s life, as undeveloped as it may be. For all she knows, her baby could end up being the next president of the United States, the next “Bill Gates”, the next “Einstein”. Say a woman gets raped and gets pregnant, that baby is still a life. It couldn’t help that it’s mother was raped and is now soon to bear it. Why get an abortion when you can have the baby and give it up for adoption?”
Now I am quite aware that stem cell research is great and all, but there has to be another way to study it besides through dead babies. To save a life doesn’t mean we have to kill a life, that just makes no sense at all.
In conclusion, Mr. Obama, I hope you really think about my letter and take some of my concerns into thought.

From a Republican’s point of view,
Sarah R.


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