Christian writes….

Dear President Obama,

As you are aware, there are an exceeding amount of issues at hand in which the country needs to get fixed in, and I, as a fellow citizen, am concerned. Two of the topics I want to talk about are the ever-controversial subject of abortion. Another topic I will touch on is the war in Iraq.

First of all, I have mixed opinions of abortion. Although most people will say that women should choose weather or not to have the baby, they know full well what can happen after engaging in intercourse with a member of the opposite gender, which is the baby. Saying that, I believe abortions should be provided to victims of rape. Since they didn’t have a choice of having intercourse, they should be given the chance of abortion because most rape victims are young and they wouldn’t be able to handle the birth of a newborn baby. This could also prove helpful in advancing in Stem Cell research. Women should also be given the choice of abortion if they have a high chance of not living through the birth of their newborn baby. If we just allow abortions for everyone, that would be fixing the effect, but we need to try and fix the cause. There should be limits on abortion, but should be available to most women under certain circumstances. Although many people will argue that abortion isn’t killing since it is not born yet, given that the fetus was healthy, you’re stopping birth from happening, which really is killing, but nonetheless, abortion should be legal to a limit.

My second issue at hand that I want to talk about is the War in Iraq. Most Americans are for getting our troops out of Iraq, although if you ask them why we got in or why we are still there, most won’t know. The lack of knowledge in this area is rather disturbing, to say the least. Although the reason why we got in isn’t valid anymore (false assumptions of weapons of mass destruction, which were thought to pose a serious thread to us), but we are still there to help their country advance in such things as constitutional rights, higher education, and a better government overall. I do believe we should stay there a while longer and pray that we actually advance towards our goal, but we can’t stay in there too long, as the money we spend it amounting every day we are still there. We will eventually have to get out of there if we make no advancements, which would be a major waste of our money. Once that happens, we need to increase security to decrease the chance of another major terrorist attack happening.

In conclusion, these are major topics we need to focus on in order to ensure a better country. I really think you will be a great president, and I congratulate you on your unanimous victory. You are our new president, and we all look forward to you and your great leadership in your 4 years.

May your term as president bring many changes. From a regular citzen,


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  1. i agree with your opinions on abortion, for the most part. but if both gametes connected to each other and became a zygote and a zygote is considered a “baby”, wouldn’t that be called homicide? last time i heard, homicide is illegal. So, shouldn’t abortion be illegal too? Now, i understand that you would allow abortion to people who got raped, but they can still give the baby for adoption. i think abortion should only be allowed if the mother would die if she gave birth. only then do i think that abortion should be allowed, because only one of them is going to live. but i trust the mother to make the right decision.

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