A Plea for Help

Dear Mr. Obama,

Being the new president can be tough. One bad decision can inflict a heavy wound on the nation (and your new found reputation). But never fear! You have 2 billion people on your side to ease your stress with your choices for our nation. We still have some issues that need to be resolved. As one of those 2 billion people, all I ask for you is to hear our pleas and sufferings.

Being the son of immigrants, we have had many hardships with the government just because my parents weren’t born in America. My parents have fought for legal papers, for jobs that can actually sustain a family and they’re not fighting for themselves. They are fighting for their children, for their futures, for me. Many people don’t want illegal immigrants to come to America because they don’t want them to “steal” their jobs, they don’t want them to be “in their shoes” because the job was rightfully for an American and not a Mexican. Let me ask you this, “Have you ever been in their shoes?, Do you know how hard it is to go to a new country with nothing on you but the clothes you wear, hoping to bring a better future for your children?” My parents suffered so much just to put food on the table.

Now I understand that an illegal immigrant can’t suddenly come to America and get a professional job. But if an illegal immigrant had the same qualifications as a natural born American, the immigrant should at least have a chance to get the job, instead of turning him down just because he/she wasn’t born here. We may be different races, but we’re still homo sapiens (humans), so we still have rights. What happened to the good old days when America used to invite immigrants with open arms? Where is the love?

Now even though we (as in my siblings and I) were born in America, the government still causes issues to us. My brother is a senior and he fears he might not get to the college he wants. Not because he has bad grades (he has 3.8 GPA) but because he might not be able to pay for college. Now you may say, “He can just get scholarships.” But the thing is 80% of all scholarships need legal documentations from so they can give it to you, which they don’t. All I ask is for you help them (and me) have a better chance to get into college. The “No Child Left Behind law” isn’t going to work by itself, we need something more.

I hope this letter has affected your way of thinking. So, please listen to our pleas, the pleas of immigrants.




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