An Infantile Situation

Congratulations President Obama!
Barack Obama, you have made it clear to us that you are going to enforce a great change upon America during your time in office.I agree with most of your views, but there is one issue in particular that I would like to address. Although I am not a politician, or a chief commander, I hope that I might be able to sway your opinion on abortion.
I believe that abortion is wrong! How is aborting a child any different from murdering a child? In the end you get the same result. If you legalize abortion, are you going to legalize murder? If that doesn’t get through to you, think of it this way: Years from now your daughter comes to you and tells you that she is pregnant.You are scared to death and furious,but underneath it all there is a hint of joy; you are going to be a grandfather! You see your future flash before your eyes: You are sitting in a rocking chair, singing to your newborn grandson. Then another flash: You are bouncing the 2 month old on your knee, watching him giggle.You have just enough time to think this through before your daughter tells you she is having an abortion. You can’t bare to lose this beautiful baby you have just imagined, but thanks to your choice, you cant stop her from making a terrible mistake.
As I stated earlier I am completely against abortion. I believe that abortion and murder go hand in hand.Taking an innocent life from this earth because of the mistake of two people is wrong! How could you possibly sleep at night knowing that millions of children are being killed   because of something you legalized? If you do approve abortion, it would make you responsible   for millions of deaths. Did you know that 46 million abortions are performed worldwide each year? That’s 46 million children that were never given the chance of life. Can you imagine how that number would skyrocket if abortion was actually legalized?
Abortion is not the only solution to an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. Adoption is a wonderful alternative, and I think that many people have a false impression when the idea of adoption is suggested. I believe that many people think of adoption as a negative thing. They hear adoption and automatically think of poor lonely orphans or horrible foster parents. This is certainly not the case. In fact, in most situations the mother will get to choose the couple that would be best for her child. Over the years, adoption has given children the chance of a better life.
Early sex has become an epidemic in our country. If we can stop this problem, we can prevent teenage pregnancy, which would greatly decrease the abortion rate. I believe the best solution to this problem is to faithfully teach teens about abstinence. Abstinence means to wait until marriage to have sex, but unfortunately many teens have never even heard of this word. Personally, up until two years ago I had absolutely no clue what abstinence was. At the time I thought it was normal to have sex before marriage. Now that I have discovered abstinence, I intend to follow it. Being unaware of abstinence could be extremely damaging to teenagers nowadays. We need to introduce abstinence into schools. You could argue that many kids would completely ignore a teachers advice, but it is better to at least give them the knowledge and allow them to make their own decisions than to completely ignore the issue.
As you can clearly see, I have very strong views on abortion. I think that adoption and abstinence are extremely important to our nation, and that you should greatly consider my opinion before making your decision. As Ronald Reagan has said- “I’ve noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born.”



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