Letter to the President

Dear President Barack Obama,

There are several things I hope your new administration will address. One of them of them is gay marriage. Another is abortion. The final one I hope you will address is the economy.

I think gay marriage should be legal. The constitution guarantees equal rights to every American citizen, yet homosexuals can’t get married. That doesn’t seem very equal. In some states they can enter into a civil union. But civil unions do not have the same benefits that marriages provide. For example, married couples can file a joint tax return and if their partner is injured they can visit them in the hospital. Also, civil unions are not recognized in every states like marriages are.

I am pro choice. Women should have the right to choose especially if they are rape victims. Also, abortions can benefit stem cell research which needs to be researched because it could have huge medical potential. However, I do not agree with partial birth abortion. Therefore, I hope you will appoint Supreme Court Judges that will not over turn Roe vs. Wade.

The last issue I would like to see your administration address is the economy. I think new jobs need to be created in America instead of in other countries. I also think we should cut spending and balance our budget. Plus, small businesses should be supported by being given tax breaks. If taxes are raised for small business owners they will not be able to employ as many workers and more people will lose their jobs.

Those are just a few issues I hope your administration can address. gay marriage, abortion, and the economy. Congratulations on your presidency.



One response to “Letter to the President

  1. i really like on what you are trying to say. i agree with most of the things you are trying to get through to our president. i really hope that economy will change and i think that it is not right about the gay and homo thing. they should be able to get married to whom ever they want to.

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