Put Education First

Dear President-Elect Obama,

My name is Kaylyn, and I am a ninth grader at Booker High School in Sarasota, Florida. I am writing to you to express my concerns about how money is spent in our government, and that we should be concentrating on making our education system the best in the world. We use a lot of money on war and weapons and stuff that should be stopped instead of important things that help our country. I think that the money would be better spent on schools and education so that we can do more as a nation to compete on a world wide scale. Government spending should be used for more important things, not promoting useless violence.

First, let me say that I believe that the education of America’s youth is critical to keep the United States as one of the best countries in the world. We need highly educated people in positions of power to deal with the rest of the world. We need people who are well-rounded and able to use their intelligence to work through problems, rather than resorting to war as an answer. People who are educated are more likely to come up with passive solutions. Also, education is going be very important if we are going to come up with ways as a country to stop relying on fossil fuels and create technological solutions with renewable resources.

Every day, money is spent on weapons and warfare, while our citizens and schools get poorer. My parents often compare when they were in school, to my time here now, and one of the main things they say is how there never seem to be enough supplies to go around at the schools now. We are buying all of the supplies, and not just things for class, but tissues and soaps and things that used to be part of what was provided by the schools. We pay rent for our lockers and some schools don’t even have enough books to go around. The funding for many programs are cut, like gym and the arts (luckily, not at our school, which is art-based). I believe that at a time when people in our country are losing jobs and scraping to get by, the last thing they need to do is spend more money on something that the government should be providing for us, especially since we pay taxes for it.

I also think that when money is spent engaging in war, such as the one in Iraq, it drives up the prices of everyday things like food and gas. Those higher prices directly impact the school systems and make a difficult job even harder. I have heard that some schools will stop bussing kids from our neighboring county because the costs are too high. That affects those kids because some of our schools, like mine, are highly specialized and unique. If their parents can’t drive them, those kids will miss out on many opportunities.

Finally, with the higher costs and lower budgets, our schools are losing teachers, and some areas are losing schools all together. That makes for longer bus rides, and unhappy students, both upsetting the learning process. I think that it may also drive up the number of kids who drop out of school, because how can we learn with all of those distractions?

In conclusion, I feel that if we want to be able to stay powerful as a nation, we need to put our money to better use educating the people who will be next in line dealing with the new world leaders and not on trying to dominate other countries that we might have to rely on later.

Thank You,



One response to “Put Education First

  1. Kaylyn that was really good. and it true that we get money for wepons indted of school and orther inpornet things.

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