B.H.O.’s Letter to the President

To the President of the United States of America

Let me first say that I’m glad to call you the next president of the United States of America. I believe that you will bring change to this country, that in my opinion, has lost much in respect in the last 8 years. I know that you are an intelligent president so everything that I’m about to say; you will have some knowledge about. The main topics I would like to share are my opinions about global warming and the overuse of antibiotics. I know that a lot of people like to write about global warming and topics like that, so I wanted to write about something important and different.

We can’t deny that global warming is natural but what we have done to speed it up is not. Global warming has been sped up not only by Americans but by the whole human race. I think a logical way to slow it down would be for all nations to realize what we are doing to our planet and all work together. That would be the best way, but we know that it has a one in a million chance of happening. So I think we should join with the countries that want to help. We need to stop the Ice Caps in the Arctic from melting or slow it down because it is not only effecting the Arctic but all the oceans and their inhabitance. The sea level is rising which means that the ratio to water to land will be greater. This will destroy lands inhabited by humans and animals. With the land destroyed less crops will be able to be planted and with the rising number of people we would be starving ourselves. Another thing that global warming is doing to our planet is messing with the temperature. The weather patterns are becoming sporadic with unusual hot and cold temperatures, flooding, severe snow storms, and larger hurricanes. One of the other things it effects are the animals. The animals will be effected in the same ways we would or possibly worse. Their shelters will be destroyed and their hunting grounds. The bigger animals will probably die from starvation because their food will be eaten by us. Animals didn’t speed global warming up, so they shouldn’t have to suffer.
The overuse of antibiotics is a serious problem that is being ignored. Doctors have and are over prescribing antibiotics to there patients. This is allowing bacteria and viruses to mutate and become stronger. Another problem is some patients do not take the prescribed antibiotics as ordered. They take only half the dosage and this also contributes to the mutation of bacteria and viruses. This has created what some call (Super Bugs) these viruses and bacteria’s have mutated to the point that antibiotics do not work on them. The patient may have the super bugs in there system until they die. Illnesses are on the rise and cures are becoming hard to find. With antibiotics not as effective, we need other cures. There is research in Europe on how the use of soft laser technology has been effective in curing diseases that antibiotics are less effective on. This is a positive sign, but there is more research needed. According to some medical people, if the right amount of money were given to research the effectiveness of complimentary medicines, new cures may be discovered. This may be one answer to the problem of the overuse of antibiotics to fight infections.
I can only hope that this letter will get to you and you read it. Again I wont to say that I am glad to call you President and that you are a different kind of President and that is for the good. I believe that you will do the right thing whichever ways you choose to. Also I wanted to make it clear that I am sure that know about global warming and the over use of antibiotics. The last thing I want to say is that I believe that change will happen and for the better if we start now.


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