Paloma’s Letter to the President

Dear President Barack Obama,


Would I be able to go to college? Would my friends and I be able to stay in the U.S?Everyday those questions run through my mind,questions I shouldn’t be worrying about since I’m only fourteen.And yet,still I sit here wondering.I wonder about the economy, immigration and abortion.Three important topics I care about and so would other people.If you ever get to read my letter please know that I wrote this to inform you that many students in the United States care about what is happening in the country.

 Economy is a big issue. Many people have no jobs and soon it will bring another Great Depression.If the economy is fixed we will be having a better future for everyone and the others to come.I believe that the country is independent and brave enough to go further ahead because if this country wasn’t strong,brave,and independent it would be very weak to fix problems in the future,it would take many years to put everything where it belongs. Fixing the economy first will help thousands of others in need of a job.


Another issue immigrants being deported back to their countries .Many people come to work to have a better life for them and their children and better education. My parents and many of my relatives are Illegal sadly,I am too. I believe that my parents did the right thing to come to the U.S to give me and my sisters a good education, but at the same time its wrong because they came illegally. I worry that I would not have a career then because of this problem. I dream to graduate high school and get my diploma, also getting into college. My career would be an actress or a singer and as a back up plan I also want to be a nurse and help people who are ill. If this country sends back the immigrants less money would be made in the States. More workers more money the States get. If students succeed the country would have a better future because it will be ruled by many successful students.


 Last but not least, abortion is also a big problem.Letting teens and women have abortions isn’t right. Killing a baby’s life isn’t fair.750,000 teenage girls get pregnant every day. Either the girl keeps the baby and takes full responsibility or she puts it up for adoption. Making abortion illegal would be better than letting them kill the baby – that would be saving lives. There is a report that there are 4 000 abortions each day imagine how many baby’s they are killing. Cold blooded murder is criminal, and should be treated as murder. Killing a baby is sometimes, though rarely, medically necessary. This is not murder, and should be legal, just as killing someone in self defense is legal in the U.S. Every child is a wanted child, children have a right to live.


In conclusion,all these issues economy, immigration and abortion are the most important issues I believe in. Even if only you stop and think about what is right and wrong and what people want for this country it would be worth it. Hoping maybe some days these issues will be stopped and get better.


                                            Paloma Martinez.

                                          Booker High School.







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