A Floridian Speaks

Dear President.Obama

Congratulations in being the first African American president. I am a student in Florida, and I have a problem I would like you to at least recognize. First the cut backs in the school boards are too much. The minimum wage is also hard to live with; I wish you could raise it so living in comfort is affordable. I also think gay marriage should be legal.

To bring to your attention, the school board is making a lot of cut backs. My school can’t even afford to supply student with textbooks to take home. They are cutting teachers left and right, and the computers here get passed around to every class. They really can’t print much either just because they cannot afford the ink and paper. I hope that you can fix these problems Mr. President.

I believe that min. wage is too low to maintain an average household. I sometimes have to help pay for bills. If the price of gas keeps going up the way it is I won’t be able to drive to work and back. The cost food seems to rise here too. I mean it was four dollars for a gallon of milk the last time I bought it.

I think gay marriage should be legal. There are more gays in today’s world and there will more in the future. I have seen first hand how gays act and they are just like everybody else. They should be able to experience the joy of marriage.

These are a few simple problems that affect me directly even if you do nothing just if you could bring these problems to the public, I would be grateful! The year 2009 will be an eventful one I hope you run the country in a good way.


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