Immigration Crisis Plan

Dear Obama,

I want to know your plans on the immigration crisis we have. You see to me I think anyone should have the right to come and live in this country. Now I hear you’re all about change so here is your big chance to prove it. There should be ways to make immigration fair.

You see I’m Cuban American my mom came to this country a long time ago. We still have more family members in that Cuba who’ve been trying to come here but just have no luck. The United States has an embargo against Cuba because of what happened during the Cuban missile crisis. But that was 47 yrs ago Cuba is no more a danger to the U.S. than other countries like North Korea, China, and Pakistan. Also Cuba’s government is not at all like America’s, which is why I think anyone should be aloud to live here.

Now I know there are some immigrants that are here already but not legally. Now for the illegal immigrants who are already here should have another chance at becoming a citizen if they have no criminal record here and have been working. However, we need to do something to stop the illegal traffic from Mexico+ Cuba. The fence is to expensive an difficult to police. I’m not sure what to do about that.

I believe in this country and I believe you will make the difference this country needs from the mistakes are last president made. This country is supposed to symbolize freedom and I don’t think we have the right to tell someone that they’re not welcome and one more thing I believe in is change and change is what we need.


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